Conor McGregor breaks silence as fans worry on UFC 303 event being cancelled over injury

Conor McGregor posts a cryptic picture on social media after pull-out rumors surfaced.

Conor McGregor breaks silence as fans worry on UFC 303 event being cancelled over injury

Conor McGregor posts picture on Instagram ahead of UFC 303 (via Imago)

The MMA world is a fickle one. Any fight can be canceled, or injury may strike even moments before the event. Recently, the MMA community has expressed fear that the UFC could potentially cancel a much-anticipated fight. UFC 303 headliner featuring Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler remains in jeopardy as new details emerge about the Irishman’s health.

The ‘Notorious’ himself has finally weighed in. Conor McGregor posted a picture on Instagram that had fans and analysts searching for clues about his physical condition. In the picture, he’s seen presumably in some health facility, probably a bone and joint facility. He posted the picture and a strong emoji as a caption.

Rumors had speculated that McGregor suffered an injury, though no one has any confirmation. The Irishman remains in good spirits. However, speculation remains as to why he was at the health facility so close to the fight. Moreover, Michael Chandler leaving the training camp further stoked the flames of speculation of the fight’s cancelation.

Whether McGregor would show up against Chandler on June 29 in one of the biggest fights of this year remains to be seen. The fight fans are still in limbo about this as the UFC, McGregor, or Chandler has yet to issue any proper update. The fight will go on as planned, according to Ariel Helwani. However, many others have expressed skepticism.

UFC Hall of Famer anticipates bad news for UFC 303

Conor McGregor’s long-awaited return at UFC 303 on June 29th against Michael Chandler has remained the talk of the town. Recently, one of the biggest voices in the sport has expressed serious doubt that the fight will even happen. This doubt comes after a series of unfortunate events preceding the UFC 303 card.

Daniel Cormeir not optimistic about UFC 303 main event
Daniel Cormier not optimistic about UFC 303 main event (via Sports Illustrated/ MMA Fighting)

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier warned fans to be ready for disappointment regarding McGregor’s scheduled octagon comeback after over three years away. His ominous words came shortly after the promotion canceled this week’s UFC 303 press conference in Dublin on short notice.

Start to brace yourself a little bit for disappointment…To me, it feels like this is a big deal. I have reached out to many in the organization to try and find out what happened, and when everyone is as tight-lipped as they are right now, to me that tells me it’s a little worrisome.
Daniel Cormier via The Good Guy/ Bad Guy show

DC was essentially implying that the promotion had genuine concern that the fight was in jeopardy of being scrapped. One must note that McGregor has never pulled out from any fights. As such, fight fans has not given up on positivity unless the UFC officially scraps the bout.

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