Cowboys’ Micah Parsons asserts CeeDee Lamb is NFL’s best receiver, claims he deserves more than Justin Jefferson

Parsons sounded adamant on Lamb being a better receiver compared to Jefferson.

Cowboys’ Micah Parsons asserts CeeDee Lamb is NFL’s best receiver, claims he deserves more than Justin Jefferson

(L) Justin Jefferson, (R) CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons (Image via IMAGO)

Micah Parsons had so much to say during his first OTA appearance on their pending contract talks earlier this week. The Dallas Cowboys linebacker made it clear that CeeDee Lamb deserves to be paid the highest money because he is the best receiver in the NFL.

The Cowboys certainly went by Jerry Jones’ pre-draft words. He announced to see more ‘leaves fall’ before deciding to extend Lamb’s contract.

If Amon-Ra St. Brown or AJ Brown’s leaves weren’t enough to satisfy the Cowboys’ demands, then Monday’s big news surely would have given Jones the hint he wanted. The Minnesota Vikings paying Justin Jefferson $140 million for 4 years ($35 million a year) set the bar high for any franchise that wishes to pay their No. 1 marksman.

Micah Parsons believes that the time has come for the Cowboys to finally settle Lamb’s financial conundrum. He asserted that the 25-year-old has proven that he deserves more than Jefferson.

If I am his agent, CeeDee is getting $36 million a year.
Micah Parsons said per the Athletic’s Jon Machota

A side-by-side comparison of Jefferson and Lamb’s numbers proves both are among the top 5 receivers in the league in the last four years. While Jefferson has 392 receptions for 5,899 yards and 30 touchdowns, Lamb recorded 395 receptions for 5,145 yards and 32 touchdowns. Jefferson has one Offensive Player of the Year Award along with three Pro Bowls, but Lamb only has three Pro Bowls.

Adam Schefter disagreed with Micah Parsons about CeeDee Lamb getting a $36 million-a-year extension

While both are neck and neck in the numbers, most fans would vouch that Jefferson is undeniably the better receiver. Parsons’ words can only mean one thing, he wants Lamb’s deal to wrap up quickly so that he can get paid.

Cowboys' Micah Parsons asserts CeeDee Lamb is NFL's best receiver, claims he deserves more than Justin Jefferson
CeeDee Lamb and Dak Prescott (Image via IMAGO)

However, ESPN’s Adam Schefter doesn’t believe it’s that straightforward. Even though Parsons spoke in favor of an extension, Schefter argued Lamb was nowhere near Jefferson’s level on NFL on ESPN show.

If you look at their numbers side by side, yes, Ceedee [Lamb] played more games due to Justin Jefferson's injuries. But the numbers are comparable. Do I think Lamb is as good as Justin [Jefferson]? No. Do I think he's gonna get that contract? No.
Adam Schefter said

The veteran ESPN insider confidently announced Lamb would not get more money than Jefferson. In fact, it will be far less.

I think we'd all agree it would be south of Justin Jefferson. But how much south and that's the question, and that's now left up to Lamb and the Dallas Cowboys to go figure out.
Adam Schefter said

In the end, the final decision remains on Jerry Jones. If they delay more, then the market might see another reset. Jefferson’s LSU teammate Ja’Marr Chase is in line for a new contract from the Cincinnati Bengals. If he secures similar or close to Jefferson, then surely Lamb would not settle for any less.

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