Craig Carton makes a bold prediction about Nick Sirianni’s future if Eagles don’t win the NFC East next year

Carton believes Sirianni will never land a decent job in the league if he fails to make a mark in the Eagles division.

Craig Carton makes a bold prediction about Nick Sirianni’s future if Eagles don’t win the NFC East next year

Craig Carton and Nick Sirianni (via Imago)

The Philadelphia Eagles remain one of the most talented teams in the NFL. The team has immense potential across the board, but despite this; they have been to the Super Bowl once in the last two seasons.

In the 2023-24 season, the Eagles began their regular season off on a strong foot going 10-1 but ended with an astonishing 11-6 record. The team’s struggles were attributed to the departure of coordinators Jonathan Gannon and Shane Steichen. Head coach Nick Sirianni came under fire too for his failure to do more with this team.

This poses an interesting question, would another disappointing season by the Philadelphia Eagles result in Nick Sirianni losing his job? Analyst Craig Carton thinks so. While addressing the potential of the NFC East-team on The Carton Show, Sirianni expressed heavy doubts on the Eagles HC.

The Eagles are the best team in the NFC East...If they don't win the division this year, Nick Sirianni will never be a head coach in the NFL ever again, maybe one of those coordinator type of guys, but he will never be a head coach.
Craig Carton said

Is Carton pushing the envelope a bit too far with this take? Not really. Nick Sirianni has at his disposal some of the finest talent on offense and defense. This year, it really is Super Bowl or bust for the team. The Eagles are expected to win the NFC East without any difficulty. If they do not, then it will not be a good look for the squad.

Nick Sirianni has the best offensive talent in the NFL on his roster

The Eagles continue to have one of the most dominant and relentless front offices. GM Howie Roseman wasted no time after the commencement of free agency to make key additions in the form of Saquon Barkley, C.J. Gardner-Johnson, DeVante Parker, and Devin White amongst others. Last season, a lot of things did not go in the favor of the Eagles towards the end of the season. as the team’s back-to-back losses resulted in friction within the locker room.

Nick Sirianni and Saquon Barkley
Saquon Barkley and Nick Sirianni (Via Imago)

This year Sirianni will need to step up his game, he will need to improve upon his leadership abilities and bring the locker room together when times are tough. Jalen Hurts has been a vocal leader in the team’s locker room, but at times, the head coach needs to be the person to step in and motivate the players.

A lot is at stake for Sirianni, because if he is unable to get it done with this roster, one that every head coach in the NFL dreams of having, no team would believe that he is head coach material. As Carton put it, all he can ever hope of is landing an assistant coach or coordinator’s role in the league.

In all fairness, Sirianni was not solely the reason for the team’s downfall this season. The defense fell-off and was not as dominant as it was in the 2022-23 season.

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