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Controversial Tweets from England Pacer Jimmy Anderson Resurface on Twitter

England cricket player Jimmy Anderson could get in trouble for his tweet a decade ago calling his teammate Stuart Broad a 15 yr old lesbian.

James Anderson

Recently, the England Cricket Board suspender Ollie Robinson due to his racist and sexist tweets. Following this step, it created a wave of tweets being dug up by fans. Robinson’s teammate Jimmy Anderson is the next person who might have to pay a price for his past behavior.


Anderson back in 2010 tweeted about Stuart Broad looking like a ‘Lesbian’ after getting a haircut. The exact tweet read: “I saw Broady’s new haircut for the first time today. Not sure about it. Thought he looked like a 15 yr old lesbian!”

Jimmy Anderson tweet

With this story being unearthed, fans were quick to call out Anderson for his actions. However, if he will follow in the footsteps of Ollie Robinson or not is quite unclear.


Jimmy Anderson explains he is a changed person now

Many were waiting for Anderson to break his silence on the matter. According to a report by the Indian Express, Anderson said:

“The historical stuff, for me, it was 10, 11 years ago. I have certainly changed as a person since then. That’s the difficulty; things do change and you do make mistakes.”

Anderson is not the only player who is sitting on the hot seat right now. Players like Eoin Morgan and Brendon McCullum could also be in trouble for their past tweets.

As for taking the accountability of the English players, the ECB stated, “Since we were alerted to offensive tweets last week, a number of historical social media posts by other individuals have been questioned publicly as well. There is no place for discrimination in our sport, and we are committed to taking relevant and appropriate action where required.

It is quite evident that ECB will conduct a fair investigation and most likely make the right decision. But what are your thoughts about this event? Do you think the other players should also receive similar punishment to that of Ollie? Or should the ECB take a different approach?

Feel free to let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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