“Jay Shah is running Sri Lanka Cricket,” World Cup-winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga accuses BCCI of ruining SLC 

Arjuna Ranatunga claims the BCCI controlled the SLC for their interests and are the main architects for them getting suspended.

“Jay Shah is running Sri Lanka Cricket,” World Cup-winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga accuses BCCI of ruining SLC 

Arjuna Ranatunga claims Jay Shah ruined Sri Lanka Cricket (Images via ESPN)

The past few months have not been kind to Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). They lost the 2023 Asia Cup final in a humiliating way, got knocked out of the 2023 ICC ODI World Cup while winning only 2 matches and have failed to qualify for the Champions Trophy, which will be held in Pakistan in 2025. Due to this poor performance the Sri Lanka Cricket board was sacked by the government and as there was government interference, the SLC was suspended by the ICC. Arjuna Ranatunga believes Jay Shah and the BCCI are the culprits for this tough period. 


While speaking in the YouTube show, ‘Truth with Chamuditha‘, Ranatunga said the BCCI was running and ruining SLC. The World Cup winning captain claimed the SLC was under pressure from Shah. He also added that the only reason Shah was powerful was because of his father, Amit Shah, who is the Minister of Home Affairs.

Because of the connection between SLC officials and Jay Shah they are under the impression that they can trample and control SL. Jay Shah is running Sri Lanka Cricket. SLC is being ruined because of pressure from Jay Shah. One man in India is ruining Sri Lankan cricket. He is only powerful because of his father, who is India’s home minister. 
Arjuna Ranatunga in the show, Truth with Chamuditha

Sri Lanka are currently suspended by the ICC due to government interference. Many sources claim the ban was requested by the SLC to ensure the government could not take over the SLC. Currently the SLC-elected board, which is presided by Shammi Silva, will continue running the SLC until the ICC takes any further action. 

Two judges recuse themselves from SLC case 

After the Sri Lanka courts rejected the government’s move to appoint an interim committee which was led by Ranatunga, sports minister Roshan Ranasinghe appealed to the courts to reverse their decision. Unfortunately two judges have backed out of the hearing. 

Roshan Ranasinghe
Roshan Ranasinghe sacked the SLC Board, only for the board to be reinstated by the Court of Appeals (Image via Kuwait Times)

They CoA reinstated the original board after the SLC board claimed the Ministry was obstructing the freedom of the board through political means. Due to this, Ranasighe filed a plea, stating that the SLC was being mismanaged and demanded a reversal of the decision. The case will now be heard on 16th November. 

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