“My role model in life is my wife” Virat Kohli talks about Anushka Sharma ahead of much-awaited India-Pakistan clash

Virat says she always gives an honest picture and has the strength to do the right thing

“My role model in life is my wife” Virat Kohli talks about Anushka Sharma ahead of much-awaited India-Pakistan clash

Kohli and Anushka (image via MenXP)

In an event, Virat Kohli was asked by the host of the event who his role model was. Virat thought for sometime and then replied “My role model in life is Anushka Sharma.” The crowd started applauding Kohli’s answer right away. 


He further added, “She gives me a very true & honest picture of who I am, where I stand & how things are. She leads her life with a lot of dignity. Anushka has the strength to do the things right way and stand by it.” 

Kohli met Anushka Sharma for a shoot for a shampoo brand, and since then both have been close to each other since then. They married in 2017 in Italy and had a daughter in January 2021. 

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Kohli’s rebirth 

During the 2019 ODI World Cup, Ravi Shastri claimed that he preferred Kohli bat in the middle of the order.
Virat Kohli (via OTV News)

After the pandemic, Virat Kohli had gone through a rough patch. He was failing to score centuries like he used to and was struggling in Test cricket. After the T20 World Cup in 2021, he stepped down as T20I captain. Despite winning tests in England and South Africa as captain, he stepped down as Test and ODI captain in January 2022. 

From 2020 to 2022  averaged 32.85 across all formats. But since the 2022 Asia Cup, Kohli slowly started to get back to his former self. He had scored his first century in over 3 years, finally scoring his 71st century against Afghanistan. Since then, he scored 5 more centuries, 2 in Tests and 3 in ODIs. 

He was arguably India’s most important player in the 2022 T20I World Cup, finishing as the highest run scorer in the competition. He finished the tournament with 296 runs in 6 innings, averaging 98.66 runs. 

He further continued this form by scoring Test centuries against Australia and West Indies. He had also scored centuries against Sri Lanka Bangladesh. Virat will look to continue this good form in the 2023 ODI World Cup.


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