WATCH: When commentators compared Wimbledon champion Carlos Alcaraz to Virat Kohli

Carlos Alcaraz won the Wimbledon 2023 title by defeating Novak Djokovic in the final.

WATCH: When commentators compared Wimbledon champion Carlos Alcaraz to Virat Kohli

Carlos Alcaraz, Virat Kohli (Image via Reuters, Peakpx)

The world has already seen a Spanish guy dominate the world of tennis for over a decade and now it’s time for the second one. Carlos Alcaraz stopped a force as big as Novak Djokovic on Sunday as the 20-year-old beat the 23-time Grand Slam champion in a five-set thriller at the All England Club. Alcatraz lifted his maiden Wimbledon title and scripted history. 


The rise of the young Spaniard in the last few years has forced everyone to draw comparisons with not only tennis legends but legends from different fields as well. While Alcaraz now has his own identity as the new champion of the grass court, the 20-year-old was compared with cricketing superstar Virat Kohli a few months back.

As Carlos Alcaraz was playing against Stefanos Tsitsipas at the 2023 French Open, a commentator, while praising the youngster for his swift movement on the court, compared Alcaraz to Virat Kohli and Michael Jordan. As Alcaraz won a point against Tsitsipas, the commentator reckoned, “It’s like watching Virat Kohli in cricket or Michael Jordan”

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How is Carlos Alcaraz similar to Virat Kohli?

virat kohli carlos alcaraz
Virat Kohli, Carlos Alcaraz (Images via Peakpx, The Mirror)

Carlos Alcaraz and Virat Kohli might not play the same sport but they do share a few similarities. Just like Kohli, Alcaraz has started his career on a high. At such young age, Alcaraz is already a force to reckon with. Although the Spaniard plays an individual sport while the Indian plays a team sport, the work ethic and supreme fitness does connect the two.

The commentators above drew a comparison between Alcaraz and Kohli for a reason. Just like Kohli, Alcaraz does not get intimidated by the stature of his opponents. Had this been the case, Alcaraz might not have won the Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic who boasts of 23 Grand Slam titles. Also, the Spaniard is dedicated, aggressive, and plays with sheer passion just like Virat Kohli. As Djokovic aptly said, Alcaraz plays with a Bull’s Mentality and so does Virat Kohli.

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