Damian Priest calls Drew McIntyre an a**hole while explaining the reason behind the latter’s recent failures

Damian Priest confronted Drew McIntyre on Raw.

Damian Priest calls Drew McIntyre an a**hole while explaining the reason behind the latter’s recent failures

Damian Priest and Drew McIntyre (via WWE)

Drew McIntyre kicked off this week’s Monday Night Raw by spitting fire. He absolutely obliterated CM Punk through his promo and also called out World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest. It only took a matter of moments for the Punisher to walk down the aisle. It was all the latter’s show thereafter, as he went on to put salt on the wounds of the Scottish Warrior.

The Judgment Day member pointed out Drew McIntyre‘s failures. He then made a hilarious NSFW remark by calling the former WWE Champion an “a**hole.” It was a non-PG statement that surely attracted a lot of eyeballs to Damian Priest. Most importantly, the Punshier held McIntyre responsible for all his failures.

Choose to find a mirror. Look at the reflection and then blame that a**hole.
Damian Priest on Raw

Moreover, the 41-year-old tried to bring down the Scottish-born superstar by calling out his obsession with CM Punk as the reason behind his downfall. Needless to say, it was a ruthless statement by the World Heavyweight Champion. McIntyre had no response to the remarks made by the Judgment Day member.

Furthermore, Priest has granted a title shot to the 38-year-old Superstar, for when he gets cleared. It is likely to take place at Clash at the Castle next month in Scotland. Nonetheless, this segment has certainly enhanced the dynamics between the two stars in their rivalry. It is going to be interesting to see if the Scottish Warrior will be able to stand by his words or if he will be facing another big-time loss.

Damian Priest gets creative control in his new contract

One star who has shined brighter than expected in the span of a few months is Damian Priest. Ever since he signed his new contract with WWE, there have been a few changes to his character on TV programming. Now, a new report has come out that sheds light on the nature of his contract.

Damian Priest
Damian Priest (via WWE)

According to Fightful Select, the Punisher has signed a multi-year deal with WWE. It is a hefty contract that grants him creative freedom as well. Therefore, he brought a new custom theme song for his entrance as the first sign of the deal. Having said that, his non-PG promo on this week’s Raw is also another nod towards his creative liberties.

In addition to that, WWE granting such authority to a star is a sign that they see him as one of the top faces of the company. Evidently, he is having such a good time on screen as the champion. Now, it makes fans wonder what is going to be the future of the Judgment Day member from here on out. 

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