WATCH: Damian Priest shuts down 45-year-old legend’s request for help from The Judgment Day against common enemy on Raw

Damian Priest clearly doesn't forget as he immediately shuts down Carlito's plea for help after his interference last year.

WATCH: Damian Priest shuts down 45-year-old legend’s request for help from The Judgment Day against common enemy on Raw

Damian Priest shuts down Carlito (via WWE)

The WWE Draft brought an interesting change to factions in the WWE. The LWO has been drafted to Monday Night Raw, the home of The Judgment Day. Carlito looked to pitch these factions against each other by asking Damian Priest for help in his fight against the Latino faction.

Dominik Mysterio brought Carlito as a member of the Judgment Day in a backstage segment on Raw. Damian Priest looked upset by this and shut him down before he could say anything. He called out the Latino 45-year-old for costing him his match against Bad Bunny and his moment in Puerto Rico exactly a year ago.

The World Champion added that he was unaware of what was going on between him and Rey Mysterio. However, if he was looking for friends, he wouldn’t find them in The Judgment Day. The former Intercontinental Champion passed a sly smile and told the World Champion to forget the past. He mentioned that they were the Judgment Day and that they ruled Monday Night Raw.

Even with this flattery, the Puerto Rican did not look too impressed. The wrestling veteran came clean and admitted that he needed help with the LWO. He was outnumbered after he betrayed the faction. In exchange, he offered to help the faction with their own problems. The World Champion sternly held on to his position and asked Dominik Mysterio to escort the former US Champion out.

Damian Priest seemingly sets up a match between Braun Strowman and JD McDonagh

Before being interrupted, the members of the Judgment Day were talking about the events that took place earlier in the night. Finn Balor was supposed to face Drew McIntyre in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament. However, the Scottish Warrior was replaced by ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso. The former Tag Team Champion got the better of the Irish wrestler and advanced to the next round.

Backstage, Finn Balor clearly seemed upset by the loss. He mentioned that it was just Jey Uso and that he should have beaten him. Damian Priest told him to take it easy. He was still the prince, and they would move on from this loss. JD McDonagh mentioned that the 42-year-old probably wasn’t a hundred percent after their run-in with Braun Strowman last week anyway.

The former Universal Champion mentioned that the Monster among Men needed to be taken care of. The World Champion agreed and said that JD McDonagh would take care of him. The 34-year-old was shocked upon hearing this. Before he could disagree, the two Latino superstars. Carlito and Dominik interrupted their conversation.

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