Dan Hurley’s effect on Lakers won’t be any different from Darvin Ham, claims Stephen A. Smith in bizarre take

Stephen A. Smith shares a weird take regarding Dan Hurley of the UConn Huskies on the First Take Show.

Dan Hurley’s effect on Lakers won’t be any different from Darvin Ham, claims Stephen A. Smith in bizarre take

Darvin Ham, Dan Hurley and Stephen A Smith

As per ESPN reporter, Adrian Wojnarowski, the Los Angeles Lakers intend to lure UConn men’s basketball coach, Dan Hurley to the NBA by offering a substantial, long-term contract offer. Hurley is a two-time NCAA national champion. Notably, Stephen A. Smith shared his bizarre take on the First Take Show involving Hurley and Lakers’ ex-head coach, Darvin Ham.

Smith claimed on the First Take show that Hurley would do a good job if the Lakers were to secure his services. However, Smith also claimed that Ham would have done the same job that Hurley would come to the Lakers and do, which was quite bizarre as the Lakers sacked Ham after his poor finish to the 2023-24 NBA season.

[Dan] Hurley I think would do a good job. ... But, the job that he would come there and do for the Los Angeles Lakers, I believe Darvin Ham would've done that job.
Steven A. Smith on First Take

In addition, according to Lakers Insider Anthony Irvin, a $100 million, eight-year contract is being drafted to get Dan Hurley to leave UConn. Considering that he has never served as an NBA coach, this is a rather large payment. A successful basketball collegiate career cannot ensure success in the NBA, but the Lakers’ board seems to think that he may be the right man for the role.

Nuggets head coach heaps huge praise on Dan Hurley

The Denver Nuggets head coach, Michael Malone‘s opinion was different from that of Stephen A. Smith. Malone claimed that Hurley would do a “hell of a job” in the NBA or at the Lakers as a head coach. He also insisted that Hurley could have a tremendous impact on the NBA as a head coach.

I think Danny can do a hell of a job coaching in the NBA. He's young, he's energetic. Danny will have to be who he is if he takes the Lakers job. I think Danny, he's studied the NBA. I think he can come in and do a hell of a job, if he chooses to do so.
Michael Malone On the Jim Rome Show

In addition, Malone and Hurley know each other well. This may be one of the reasons Malone didn’t hesitate to speak well about Hurley. Moreover, Malone also insisted that Hurley possesses the know-how to contribute to the construction of a championship-winning team, given his success in building the UConn Huskies.

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