Dana White brushes off the complaints about inefficient streaming during the UFC 257

Dana White brushes off the complaints about inefficient streaming during the UFC 257
Dana White UFC 257

The UFC pay-per-view revenue has always been tremendous despite the several streaming breakdowns. During the streaming of the UFC 257, for about an hour the viewers couldn’t watch the stream on the ESPN+ platform.

MMA and UFC Twitter exploded with hate and trolls as they weren’t able to view the stream after paying money. When asked about this, the UFC president, Dana White said that the issue was only for a short period.


He also justified it by saying “It was mostly on the West Coast”. He also told the reporters at the post-event press conference at Etihad Arena that, “But they got it fixed, and it was a good night”.

Dana White on calls the Conor vs Dustin fight “top 2, all-time”

Despite the troubles faced by several viewers during the streaming, Dana White believes the main card of UFC 257 was top 2 fights of all time. A huge revenue was generated during the Conor Fight as the star has drawn over one million buys on six different occasions making him the biggest PPV star of the UFC.

Dana White and Khabib Nurmagomedov

Before the Irish superstar got knocked out, Dana White also reached out to Khabib asking if he could do one more fight. The biggest grossing UFC has ever made was the UFC 229 when it featured two MMA giants, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor.


Dana White vows to shut down illegal streaming of UFC fights.

Dana White on Piracy streaming

During the problems of streaming, several UFC fans and fighters tweeted about seeking illegal streaming since the pay-per-view wasn’t up to standards. The president of UFC didn’t appreciate such talk and vowed to stamp out piracy. The UFC hunted down a pirate streamer and took down his streaming service. Dana also added to that statement saying, “One down, sh*tload to go”.

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