Dana White reveals losing whopping $6 million in 20 years of ‘hardcore gambling’

Dana White shares high-stakes gambling stories on FLAGRANT podcast.

Dana White reveals losing whopping $6 million in 20 years of ‘hardcore gambling’

Dana White reveals gambling stories (Image via: IMAGO, Instagram)

Dana White is a notorious gambler, as evidenced by stories told by UFC commentator Joe Rogan and others. White even took his eldest son to gambling when he came of age to do so. The UFC CEO has won and lost a lot of money through gambling.

White was a recent guest on the FLAGRANT podcast, where he made an interesting revelation. He described the ins and outs of his gambling career in which he appeared to lose a lot of money but small in comparison to his total net worth.

All-time, I don't know the wins. Hunter [Campbell] and I were talking about this the other day—all-time wins and losses. You're talking probably 20 years of hardcore, real gambling...So, I'm eventually going to lose. It's eventually going to happen, and when I lose, I'll lose 6 million.
Dana White via FLAGRANT podcast

However, White admitted whenever he lost $6 million, he would’ve already been up by 10. White revealed Baccarat is his favorite game to gamble on due to its higher stakes than Blackjack. The UFC CEO revealed one can bet as high as $300K in a hand in Baccarat while it was only $75K in Blackjack.

Despite the gambling proclivities, UFC is first and foremost for White. He began his career as a professional boxing coach and manager but has been critical of the business. As such, he modeled the UFC by righting the wrongs of the professional boxing realm.

Dana White blasts professional boxing business

Dana White is a fan of boxing, evidenced by his respect for legendary boxing figures. However, he is not a fan of how the people in boxing do their business now. He is even more critical of the crossover boxing realm. As such, he is critical of Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul.

Dana White blasts boxing
Dana White blasts boxing (Image via: IMAGO)

White recently appeared on the Pound 4 Pound podcast, delving into the intricacies of the boxing business. He stated boxing has made trillions of Dollars over the years but has not re-invested the money. As such, he felt it destroyed boxing, devoiding fans of big fights. White stated if Turki Alalshikh can’t save boxing, nobody else can.

Before the UFC, White had managed boxers. His biggest accomplishment as a boxing manager was making the deal for Derrick Harmon to fight Roy Jones Jr. White was a big fan of the late Arturo Gatti. Moreover, White had also worked at a gym with Roger Mayweather and had a relationship with the Mayweather family from the 90s.

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