“Don’t know how to call this a fight,” Daniel Cormier likes WEIRD but fun Jake Paul-Mike Tyson clash as long it lasts, cautions random fallout

Daniel Cormier thinks Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson will be fun while it lasts, but time is a tiring constant.

“Don’t know how to call this a fight,” Daniel Cormier likes WEIRD but fun Jake Paul-Mike Tyson clash as long it lasts, cautions random fallout

Daniel Cormier weighs in on Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson (Source: IMAGO/Instagram)

Jake Paul facing a 58-to-be Mike Tyson is appalling to boxing fans. There are many, as it is, that do not prefer influencer or crossover white-collar boxing over legacy bouts. There’s also the age factor at play. Veteran play-by-play and analyst Daniel Cormier thinks this matchup will be fun, although age will definitely play a factor.

Paul meets Mike Tyson in an eight-round boxing bout at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Tyson regressing to walking with a cane in the yesteryears has remained vivid imagery for fans and peers. However, ‘Iron Mike’ took a jab at doubters and reported that it would be a professional sanction by the Texas governing body. Cormier has pitched in with his take on the boxing bout.

I don’t even know how to call this a fight, Honestly, I don’t even know how it’s a fight... It’s a weird, weird deal. But yeah, I think it’ll be fun. If Mike Tyson is free to fight, fight the way he wants to, he’s either going to knock him out or he’s going to get caught with something...hell, I’m watching it. It’ll be fun as long as it lasts because any time ‘Iron’ Mike fights, I’m such a massive fan – it don’t matter his age. Granted, it’ll be tough. Age wins, beats us all. Father Time is undefeated.
Daniel Cormier via MMA Junkie Radio with “Gorgeous” George and “Goze”

When they step foot in the squared ring, Tyson (50-6) will be 31 years older than Paul. Despite Paul issuing stern ultimatums and respecting Tyson’s wishes, many changes have occurred. Perhaps as a nod to Mike Tyson’s age, the contest is now 8 two-minute rounds to sustain his cardio. As Daniel Cormier puts it, “Time is undefeated.”

‘DC’ mentions looking forward to how the consensus heavyweight icon operates, irrespective of age. While Tyson’s advanced age has whipped up quite the concern, former cruiserweight Jake Paul is safe and sturdy in his trajectory. The future also looks bright for Paul as later in 2025; he’s also yet to make his PFL debut.

PFL CEO expects Jake Paul to make splashes with his MMA debut

YouTuber-turned-pro boxer Jake Paul (9-1) takes on the iconic Mike Tyson in a pro sanctioned bout this July 20. In a historic first, with Paul’s efforts, Netflix will stream it live. The story might end there for Tyson, but Paul still has a long way to go. He wants to make his MMA debut as well.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul (Source: Instagram)

Paul is aligned with PFL and attempted to book his MMA debut recently. As such, PFL CEO Pete Murray talked about Paul’s future in MMA. Murray claimed Paul’s debut in MMA will become the biggest debut in the sport.

That’s more of a 2025 scenario, We’re looking forward to dialing that in with Jake and his partner Nakisa (Bidarian)...no shortage of major, major MMA top fighters that want to step into the cage with Jake – including Nate...others that are lining up – Masvidal, and there’s more... But 2025...definitely...it’ll be the biggest MMA debut ever in the sport.
PFL CEO Pete Murray to MMA Junkie and other media scrum

Jake Paul has already offered ex-UFC stars & free agents Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz $10 million in fight purse to face him in a PFL cage. Paul has already knocked down Diaz en route to a unanimous decision win in their 10-round, 185-pound crossover bout last year.

While the “pioneer gangster” duo often dub down Paul as “not a real boxer,” Pete Murray nudges the options are open. It remains to be seen if the ‘Problem Child’ makes his debut next year and if it becomes the biggest debut in MMA.

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