“Still got to get wins”: Dennis Schroder points out everything wrong with Los Angeles Lakers chemistry woes in the absence of LeBron James and shorthanded Anthony Davis

Dennis Schroder points out major flaw in chemistry

Dennis Schroder
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There is nothing worse than an unfortunate season to the most deserving candidates. The Los Angeles Lakers have fallen prey to one such scare this season. After starting the season on a high note, they remained the #1 team for quite a while. As the season progressed, they faced terrible injury woes and now are fighting for their 6th position. Since February both their superstar LeBron James and Anthony Davis were side lined. While Anthony Davis made it back to the squad, there are serious chemistry issues that Dennis Schroder highlighted recently. Dennis Schroder pointed out the major flaws the team has been facing lately.

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently handed 2 wins that were there to be grabbed. They lost consequent matches to Dallas Mavericks despite having a 17-point lead in their last endeavour. Dennis Schroder believes these injury scare pulled the team down. Dennis Schroder feels the chemistry that the team started off with has gradually come down. As Anthony Davis said that the team has a great bonding off the court while have been lacking some more lately on court.

Dennis Schroder feels the team needs more wins

The Los Angeles Lakers need to address their chemistry issues now. After signing Andre Drummond, the team faced a little problem coping with him as well.  However, Dennis Schroder believes that once LeBron James returns, it is going to be fine. He said, “I think when Bron comes back we’re going to have a conversation as a team. Because our chemistry, like AD said, off the court is great, but on the court, we’ve just got to turn it up some more. We’re going to be fine, but in the meantime, we’ve still got to get wins.”

Dennis Schroder’s comments have highlighted what the defending champions are in desperate need of. During the long absence of their 2 marquee players, the team needs to adjust with both of them on their comeback. Although AD’s return hasn’t been a great one, fans expect LeBron James’ return to be worth a watch. As per Dennis Schroder the team will look into the flaws and attempt to overcome all issues while trying to maintain their position in the top 6.

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