WATCH: Denver crowd taunt LeBron James and Lakers with ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ chants in playoffs

Denver Nuggets won the 1st game of their playoff series against the Los Angeles Lakers, despite Lakers claiming they will fight to win.

WATCH: Denver crowd taunt LeBron James and Lakers with ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ chants in playoffs

Denver Nuggets fans taunt LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers during 1st game of playoffs

What can make an impending loss worse? When home fans let out taunts and chants. LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers teammates faced that music tonight towards the end of game 1 of the playoffs. Denver Nuggets fans let out a taunting chant in unison, inflicting further humiliation to men in purple and gold.


As the 1st round playoffs were underway, the Los Angeles Lakers faced an uphill battle against the defending champions, Denver Nuggets. The Lakers led initially but let the game slip out of their hands in the second half. With 1 minute left in the game and the Nuggets on the verge of a victory, the entire crowd in Ball Arena let out chants together singing.

Who's your Daddy?
Denver Nuggets fans to the Lakers

Singing it in unison was a spectacle on its own. And they cheered together as they inflicted a mental defeat to the men in purple and gold.

The mile high club, as they are known, are passionate about their basketball team. Having already tasted success last year, the fans knew that their team had the upper hand. They have also been hearing the talk coming from the Lakers camp in the past few days.


Which is why they sang this taunt to get back at the Lakers fans and players in the best way they could. When almost 18000 people bring the rain in the form of taunts, one cannot do much but take it all in. Going into game 2, how the LeBron James and the Lakers react is crucial to their playoff hopes.

LeBron James has to use the disrespect to fire up his teammates

LeBron James played his part well in game 1. Shooting at a high percentage from all distances, dishing out assists and grabbing some rebounds. Fellow superstar, Anthony Davis also had an All-Star performance. However, the rest of his teammates let him down big time.

Their off-shooting night and a lack of effort on the glass contributed to the Nuggets leaving the arena with a crucial game 1 win. If the Los Angeles Lakers want to win the series, they need to win every game from now onwards. They cannot let the Nuggets get a hold on any game as the momentum will affect with their chances.

After all, the men in purple and gold are part of the most storied franchise in the NBA. They should give it back to the Nuggets fans who won their 1st title last year. LeBron James should use that pride to motivate them going forward.


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