“It’s back to 0-0!” Despite getting swept last year, Darvin Ham ‘likes’ Lakers’ chances against the Nuggets after solid play-in win over Pelicans

Los Angeles Lakers will be looking to reverse the losing streak against the Denver Nuggets in the first round.

“It’s back to 0-0!” Despite getting swept last year, Darvin Ham ‘likes’ Lakers’ chances against the Nuggets after solid play-in win over Pelicans

Darvin Ham likes his Los Angeles Lakers' chances against the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs after tonight's play-in win

Before the regular season ended, the entire basketball community was talking about how the Los Angeles Lakers could avoid the Denver Nuggets. After all, the reigning champions had usurped the men in purple and gold seven straight times. After securing a win in the play-in game today, the Lakers end up having to face the Nuggets in the first round. However, head coach Darvin Ham suggests that the scoreline is 0-0, and likes his team’s chances in the playoffs.

The question regarding the Denver Nuggets was the most pertinent one the reporters asked Coach Ham in the post-game presser. He responded:

It’s opportunity, and like I said man, it’s back to 0-0. Obviously, they’ve had a ton of success against our ball club but, there’s always a new day. My staff and I have already putting the groundwork together for that gameplan, and we’ll get together tomorrow. Go out there and give it our best shot. We feel comfortable though. We like our chances.

Darwin Ham at the post-game presser

Ham insisted that they respect the Denver Nuggets for who they are. However, with the current situation and form of the team, they will give it their all.

Darvin Ham talked about how the team has faired better over the past couple of months. He said that the camaraderie within the team has helped them to go on a winning run. That team spirit will help them take the battle to the defending champions.

What he did not put into exact words is that his latest scheme and lineups have unlocked a different level of performance from the team. So, he is hoping that they can use the new schemes to change the tide in the playoffs.

Darvin Ham has not used this version of his Lakers team against the Denver Nuggets

Since the last time the Los Angeles Lakers played against the Denver Nuggets, the team has seen some significant changes. The latest version of the team has recorded a 14-7 record since March. It speaks volumes to the way Darvin Ham has made adjustments with which his team can thrive.

The notable returns of key injured players and further changes to the lineup have unlocked a new level of performance. Gone are the days when LeBron James and Anthony Davis had to produce superstar-level performances on a nightly basis. Now they don’t have to bear the entire responsibility, knowing their teammates have the confidence to score.

The Denver Nuggets have not faced this version of the Lakers. That is where the concept of 0-0 came to Darvin Ham’s mind. Playoff games starting this weekend will show if Ham was right.

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