“We’ve all been there,” Dillon Danis defends Tyson Fury being escorted by security for being drunk

Tyson Fury will fight Oleksandr Usyk in a rematch on December 21.

“We’ve all been there,” Dillon Danis defends Tyson Fury being escorted by security for being drunk

Dillon Danis (image credit- The Sun, X)

Tyson Fury, the former heavyweight champion, has once again found himself in the public eye, but for all the wrong reasons. As such, Fury was spotted at a nearby pub in a state of disarray. It all culminated in him literally falling flat on his face as he exited the bar. Despite Fury’s embarrassing moment, which has led to widespread criticism, Dillon Danis, has chosen to defend him.

Recently, Fury suffered a significant defeat to Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed heavyweight title. This was the first professional defeat he suffered in his illustrious 16-year career. Hence, the former champion seemed to have been affected by the loss. Subsequently, the well-known BJJ expert supported Fury, even when the whole globe was criticizing the Brit.

We’ve all been there. Stop hating!  
Dillon Danis via X

The heavyweight fighter was spotted heavily intoxicated and had to be guided out of the establishment by security. This was after he clearly consumed too much alcohol. After being escorted out, the boxer was observed by two security personnel who spoke to him. These individuals attempted to sober him up and persuade him to depart from the premises.

Even with all this, Dillon Danis showed his support for the Brit, stepping in at the crucial moment. Furthermore, the grappler believes that many others might have faced similar situations. Hence, he urged the combat sports community to cease their obvious animosity toward the former champion.

Tommy Fury shares his opinion on the fight

In the viral video of Fury being drunk, his brother Shane Fury can be seen with him. However, his other brother, Tommy Fury, was not present with him but recently spoke about the devastating loss. As such, Tommy appears to share his brother’s sentiments about being robbed by the judge’s decision in the fight.

tommy fury, Tyson Fury, Dillon Danis
Tommy Fury (image credit- Sky Sports News)

After the fight, Fury blatantly stated that the judges were biased because Usyk’s country was at war. He justified this claim by mentioning how the fight was a close and competitive bout.

Subsequently, Tommy stated that his brother easily won the first half of the fight. However, this is a controversial opinion since most people feel that Usyk dominated the fight. Many even believe that the bell saved Fury from being knocked out cold.

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