“Are way easier to beat than Celtics…” Draymond Green boldly claims Joel Embiid’s 76ers could beat in-form New York Knicks

Julius Randle won't be available for the Knicks against the 76ers.

“Are way easier to beat than Celtics…” Draymond Green boldly claims Joel Embiid’s 76ers could beat in-form New York Knicks

Draymond Green and Joel Embiid

The seventh-seeded Philadelphia 76ers and the second-seeded New York Knicks will square off in the Playoff round 1 on April 20. The 76ers are the underdogs in this fantastic battle, but who is winning? Indeed, Draymond Green has arrived with his predictions. Even if the four-time NBA champion is eliminated from the playoffs, he is still entertaining the fans by picking the outcome.


In a recent Draymond Green Show episode, the four-time NBA all-star took the 76ers side. Essentially, it was the 76ers’ Paul Reed, the center, who declared that a game against the Knicks would be fantastic because they are an obvious target. Green agreed with him when he made his claim and according to him, nobody could stop Joel Embiid.

As Paul Reed said, "We ain't ducking nobody, but we wanted the New York Knicks. We think that's the easier. Paul Reed said it, I ain't said it. But we know that's the reality. The New York Knicks are way easier to beat them the Boston Celtics. In fact, I got the Philadelphia 76ers beating the New York Knicks. Because who's going to stop Joel"?
Draymond Green said

Joel Embiid is essential to the 76ers, and Green’s remarks make sense. It would be difficult for Embiid to push himself because he is coming from a meniscus injury and the Knicks play physical games.

Danny Green, a former player for the 76ers, believes the Knicks will defeat Joel Embiid’s squad

While Draymond Green believes the 76ers will win, another Green—this time Danny Green, the 76ers’ fallen player—believes the Knicks have every chance to defeat Joel Embiid’s squad. Giving his exclusive interview with SportsCenter, he talked about the Knicks’ weapons like Jalen Brunson, and the 76ers’ lack of depth on their bench.

They have a lot of weapons, man. I just didn't Philly is deep enough to beat them. They got bigger guards, and they got guys that can score in half-court sets very well. 
Danny Green said

He listed stars who will be crucial to the team and provide depth, including Josh Hart, Donte DiVincenzo, Bojan Bogdanovic, and Jalen Brunson. Regarding the team’s depth, Green might probably be correct—the Knicks have had some excellent performances this year, through which they have also become the fan favorite while choosing the best team to bet on, some of the best apps on that can be found at- www.gamechampions.com

Even though Julius Randle won’t be available, this is certainly a significant setback for them. There is an equal probability for both sides to win, and the game is sure to entertain.

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