“I hit someone…I get throw under jail,” Draymond Green calls out NBA referees for biased decisions

Draymond Green exchanged words with referees after a non-call on the Lakers.

“I hit someone…I get throw under jail,” Draymond Green calls out NBA referees for biased decisions

Draymond Green calls out NBA referees for unfair calls

Draymond Green has created quite a reputation over the years. The Golden State Warriors forward creates controversies with his aggressive way of playing during games. Hence, the player gets many foul calls daily. But recently, the four-time champion turned things around and called out the referees’ unfair calls towards him.


During Tuesday’s Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers game, Draymond Green got elbowed in the face by Lakers’ Austin Reaves. The athlete was visibly upset and exchanged words with the referees as a foul was not called. In the post-game press conference, Green called out the poor officiating.

I get hit in the face every single game, and I get no foul calls. I hit somebody in the face I get thrown under the jail.
Draymond Green via post-game press conference

The officials’ consistent unfair treatment frustrated the Warriors forward. The star’s bold statement certainly did not receive any support from the NBA netizens. Many of the NBA fans have always expressed their disappointment about Green’s behavior on the floor.

Green’s reputation on the basketball court during this season will not work in his favor to get any sympathy for the non-calls. In December 2023, the player was suspended indefinitely for repeatedly getting into altercations with opposition players. Even if the non-call towards Reaves seemed unfair, fans would still struggle to support Green’s statement.


Stephen Curry says Draymond Green does not need a babysitter

Draymond Green’s reputation has also resulted in people pointing fingers at Stephen Curry‘s leadership. The last time Green got ejected for having words with officials, Curry became emotional on the court. At the time, Curry was criticized for not getting involved and stopping Green from getting ejected.

However, this was not the case during the Warriors vs. Lakers game. As Green started to go at the referees for the non-call, Curry stepped in and tried to hold back his teammate. The situation was under control as Green controlled himself and did not receive any technical foul. In the press conference, Curry was asked about his attempt at defusing the situation.

There’s a moment where okay, you made yourself heard, and now let’s play basketball and he did that to perfection. He doesn't need a babysitter in that respect. Don't get that twisted.
Stephen Curry via post-game press conference

Stephen Curry explained that he would not stop Green from speaking for himself but would help him understand not to go overboard with it. The guard handled the situation perfectly, as Curry firmly had his teammate’s back without letting the media tear him down. Curry needs Green to be at his very best in order to advance into the playoffs and make a deep postseason run.

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