Draymond Green SLAMS $300 million earning Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum as ‘failure’ for not winning title

Jaylen Brown has signed a 5 year $286 million contract with Jayson Tatum up next for a supermax extension.

Draymond Green SLAMS $300 million earning Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum as ‘failure’ for not winning title

Draymond Green slams Boston Celtics duo Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum for not winning an NBA title despite getting paid so much

Since coming into the league, Draymond Green has earned almost $200 million and won 4 championships. On the contrary, Jaylen Brown has a $300 million contract and has not won a ring yet.


The same goes for Jayson Tatum who will get a contract of a similar number soon. This led to Green slamming the Boston Celtics duo for not winning an NBA title despite being paid so much. While talking on his podcast The Draymond Green Show, the Golden State Warriors superstar touched upon the same.

You got Jaylen Brown making 300 plus million dollars. Soon to be Jayson Tatum making 300 plus million dollars. It's a failure. You go out and get Jrue Holiday, you go out and get Porzingis. And the season went exactly how you thought and wanted it you go when you made those moves. So, guess what? It's time to win and it's time now. Yeah, we don't care how many conference finals anymore. A finals appearance ain't good enough. You got to go win it all.
Draymond Green said

Summing it up, considering all that money and all those moves, not winning an NBA title is not enough. Draymond Green wants them to give their money’s worth to the Celtics.

His logic is justified to a great extent. One is that supermax deals are generally given to players so that they can win the team a title. Jaylen Brown has that and is earning more than what Green has earned throughout his career. It is generational money.

Therefore, with Jayson Tatum also about to get such a contract, it makes no sense for the Boston Celtics to be paying them so much and not win titles. They have to win now to justify their contracts.


Draymond Green suggests the Boston Celtics’ patience is getting tested

While expanding on this topic, the Golden State Warriors defensive ace suggested that considering how much the Boston Celtics are paying for all their star players, a time will come when even they will feel that it is too much. A team can only keep testing the 2nd Apron of the salary cap for a finite number of years without a championship.

After that, they might be forced to rebuild or retool. Spending that much money on luxury tax can be afforded only if the team is winning the NBA title. Titles justify the expenditure. Just like Draymond Green’s team has been doing for a decade. But unlike his team, the Celtics last won a title 16 years back.

Therefore, if the team does not win titles, it could be possible that the Boston Celtics’ patience will wear thin. Then the question will arise as to who will pick up these enormous contracts in trades.

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