“Little b**ch like CM Punk,” Drew McIntyre finally addresses reports of him wrestling with an injury after WrestleMania

Drew McIntyre suffered a horrific elbow injury at WrestleMania X and continued working through it.

“Little b**ch like CM Punk,” Drew McIntyre finally addresses reports of him wrestling with an injury after WrestleMania

Drew McIntyre (via Ringside News)

After controversially losing the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania XL, Drew McIntyre had another bad news waiting for him. According to reports, he suffered a hyperextension elbow injury during his match against Seth Rollins and continued to work through it. Now, he addressed his current situation through a message on social media. 


The Scottish Warrior took to X and answered the burning question of why he didn’t just leave after winning the title. Drew McIntyre stated that he wanted to enjoy that moment to the fullest until CM Punk ruined it. He further added that the reports of him working through an injury are also true, as he took a shot at The Second City Saint by calling him a coward. 

He completed his dream after winning the world title on the biggest stage after defeating Seth Rollins at WrestleMania XL. However, his celebrations were short-lived, as Damian Priest cashed in his MITB contract and became the new world champion. McIntyre’s reign only lasted 5 minutes and 46 seconds, thanks to a distraction from Punk.

So for those who ask, why didn't I just leave? Just remember, by your own logic, you're not allowed to enjoy the moment. And, oh yeah, the internet is telling the truth; I've said it in interviews already. I am hurt, but I keep pushing through. So, I am not a pathetic, coward little b**ch like CM Punk.
Drew McIntyre on X

McIntyre is not advertised for Backlash, so he will likely be sidelined due to an injury. Despite the rumors of his contract expiration, he should be available for the 2024 Clash at the Castle PLE in June in his home country of Scotland.


Jinder Mahal sends a two-word message to his longtime friend Drew McIntyre on social media

After hearing the news of his fellow 3MB member Jinder Mahal‘s release from WWE, Drew McIntyre gave him some words of motivation. In reply, The Modern Day Maharaja sent him a message on social media. 

Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre
Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre (via WrestleTalk)

It reflected on the time when they both returned to the company and became world champions. Mahal replied to him by saying that they were indeed the comeback kings. The release of multiple Indian superstars created a sense of disappointment among fans on social media. 

Comeback Kingz
Jinder Mahal on X

Along with the former WWE Champion, his Indus Sher partners Veer Mahan and Sanga also parted ways with WWE. The first-ever Chinese WWE superstar Xia Li and Xyon Quinn, announced their departure from the company on social media. Fans are hoping for stars like Mahal and Li to make their return to WWE once again. 

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