Eddie Hearn doesn’t mince words reacting to ‘disgusting’ Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul’s fight

Eddie Hearn gives his honest opinion on the controversial fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul.

Eddie Hearn doesn’t mince words reacting to ‘disgusting’ Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul’s fight

Jake Paul, Mike Tyson and Eddie Hearn (image credit- Marca, Boxing Scene)

The Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul fight is certainly the talk of the town. As such, the bout has garnered significant interest and criticism ever since it was announced. Some people have expressed their anticipation for it, while others have expressed their apprehension towards it. Similarly, Eddie Hearn has also chimed in with his opinion about the upcoming live boxing event. 


Figures like Tyson Fury have stated that they find nothing wrong with the fight and believe that it is exciting and good for the sport. However, figures like Dana White have instead stated that the fight is unfair because of the age gap and should not be happening. Hearn appears to share a similar chain of thought.

I find it disgusting that a 58-year-old man, who was my hero growing up, firstly has to even get back in the ring. 
Eddie Hearn via Piers Morgan Uncensored

Hearn stated that we currently live in a world where the audience craves controversy and content is created for views. Hence, Eddie Hearn believes that this fight caters to this particular audience and is not for actual boxing fans who love the sport. 

The promoter personally finds the fight revolting because he has grown up watching Iron Mike inside the ring. Hence, Hearn also stated that Tyson would be paid the amount or the partial amount of money that he earned during his illustrious career as a champion. 


Eddie Hearn’s father Barry Hearn predicts who will win 

After unloading his honest opinion about the fight, Eddie’s father, Barry Hearn, proceeded to reveal his predictions for the fight. Surprisingly, the promoter does not believe that Tyson has a solid chance of winning. Hearn most attributes this to Tyson’s age and how that affects an individual’s performance. 

Barry Hearn and Eddie Hearn
Barry Hearn and Eddie Hearn (image credit- Matchroom boxing)

Hence, Hearn stated that Tyson will have to finish the fight swiftly if he wants to win. He also believes that Tyson is far superior in terms of boxing compared to Jake Paul. However, he feels that Paul’s youth and fitness level will greatly help him have an edge over Tyson.

I don’t believe the other guy is much of a fighter, but he’s fit, he trains, and he’s young. 
Barry Hearn via Piers Morgan Uncensored

Furthermore, Hearn believes that Tyson will only be able to deliver an impressive performance for two rounds. After this, the former champion will be gassed out because of his age. This chain of thought makes Hearn believe that Paul will emerge victorious if Tyson doesn’t end the fight quickly.

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