Elena Vesnina ready for her comeback at the Australian Open 2021

34-year-old Elena Vesnina spoke on her return to tennis after 2 years.

Elena Vesnina
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Elena Vesnina

Reigning Olympic doubles champion Elena Vesnina is excited to make her comeback at the Australian Open 2021. The 34-year-old Russian was on maternity leave since November 2018.

The Russian will be seen on court after 2 years. Despite being a Four-time Grand Slam doubles champion, Elena has mixed feelings about her return. Even though she has been training for this, she knows that a Grand Slam is more than just preparations.

“It’s very exciting,” Vesnina said“It’s been so long, almost two years since I’ve been on the court to play a match. It’s so different from practicing, and so I’m a little bit excited, but also scared and worried at the same time,” she added.

Well known as an all-court player, Vesnina would want to make a strong comeback. However, she won’t be alone in Australia. Her daughter, two-year-old Elizaveta Pavlovna Tabunstova, will also travel with her for the Grand Slam.

Elena Vesnina wants her daughter to see her play at Australian Open 2021

Elena Vesnina
Elena Vesnina

The 34-year old is confident about her game in the current deck of top players. Moreover, Elena is excited to play in front of her daughter.

“I’m looking forward to being able to fly with Liza, to show her what mama is doing, and to compete again. I still feel like I have some gas in the tank, and that I can do it,” the former Wimbledon semi-finalist added.

She made her stance over retirement very clear. As of now, her only focus is to make a solid comeback into the sport. “When I no longer feel this way, I’ll stop immediately,” Elena said. “But right now, I feel like I’m ready and this is what I want.”

In order for the players to have some practice before the Australian Open 2021, Tennis Australia has organized wholesome events before it. In order to lay her hands on the Australian Open trophy, Elena will have to challenge the likes of defending champion Sofia Kenin and veteran Serena Williams.

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