30 minute leaked gameplay footage of Dead Island 2 unravels a deal of blood and gore

Watch the leaked gameplay footage of Deep Silver's Dead Island 2

30 minute leaked gameplay footage of Dead Island 2 unravels a deal of blood and gore

Dead Island 2 (via Deadisland.com)

Deep Silver’s 3rd installment to the Dead Island series, Dead Island has been trending on the internet as the next big zombie apocalypse title of 2023. The highly delayed game that was first announced in 2014 has kept its fans waiting long enough. Almost a week away form its release, a 30 minute long video of Dead island 2 gameplay was leaked onto the internet.


Being only 4 days away from its release, a user on YouTube somehow got access to an early copy of Dead Island 2 and streamed the first 30 mins of the game to their YouTube channel. Although the leaked video of the game was streamed in Spanish, players can see the the beautiful intro to the game as well as the character selection screen the game offers. The gameplay video reveals a lot of blood and gore as expected of a Dead Island game. The intro of the video shows people trying to leave the city due to a massive outbreak of zombies. The characters that the players can choose from enter the plane leaving the city through various methods. However the plane has already carried someone infected with said virus causing the plane to be shot down.

Leaked gameplay footage

The game allows players to pick between 6 character to be their protagonist namely Jacob, Bruno, Carla, Dani, Ryan and Amy. Picking anyone of these character forces the player to complete the game as the character the player picked. The talk of Dead Island 2 has been around for almost a decade and the game finally getting a release date has made the fans ecstatic. The leaked gameplay video has only made more hype around the almost released title.

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Dead Island 2 Leaked Gameplay Video

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The leaked gameplay footage of the 1st 30 mins of the game Dead island 2 has left the players even more excited. With a gameplay very bloody and full of gore, the trailer revealed exactly what Dead Island fans were expecting. The video shows that the game allows players to pick between 6 characters to be the protagonist of the game. The game starts with the intro of people boarding a plane to evacuate the city due to a massive zombie outbreak. However the plane is shot down due to oe of its passengers turning into a zombie due to the virus.

The game starts off after the player picks one of the six characters. It begins with the protagonist surviving the plane crash heavily injured. Since the user who streamed Jacob we get to watch his point of view. The game indicates that the player must look for a first aid kit to help their character regain some health. The player is then indicated to find a way out of the rubble of the plane crash. Making your way through the crash site the player come across other survivor of the crash. On meeting them he notices another survivor caught up in the debris and helps him get some water.

However a person nearby converts into a zombie and bites the protagonist. In retaliation he pushes the zombie toward the other survivor who gets bitten and turns into a zombie too. This prompts the protagonist to kill both of them. Being bitten himself, the protagonist stumbles toward the burning city of Los Angles looking for a address etched onto his hand by one of the survivors he met earlier.

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