How to get commander outfit in Star War Jedi: Survivor?

Complete guide to assembling the commander's outfit in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

How to get commander outfit in Star War Jedi: Survivor?

The aesthetics of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has always been a center of focus for the players. Star Wars franchise enjoy a large pool of players from across the general. Players want to dwell on the different looks for their character and look better when it comes to outfit customization.

One among others, the commander outfit, from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is one of the best outfits there is for players to put on the appearance of a well-armed Jedi Knight. It has been the entirety of the Empire alone with the great armored costume. There have been a few pieces and some chests that the player needs to find out before getting their hands on a complete set of this costume.

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The commander costume is divided into various pieces like jackets, pants, shirts, and color material. With that said players will have to go to lengths to find all the pieces and put them together to make the perfect set of commander costumes.

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Commander outfit in Star War Jedi: Survivor

Location of jacket

The Commander Jacket can only be obtained by traveling to Jedha. This voyage should begin at the Anchorite Base Meditation Point in the Narkis Desert. From whence they will proceed into the Arid Flats in search of their prize. From here, players should race across the rocky terrain for a few seconds before following the trail until they reach a little drop.

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After this, the players will need to climb the hill which appears in front of them. This is where they’ll find the chest which contains the commander’s jacket.

Location of Commander Pants

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Now that players have Jacket in their possession, they’ll have to move on to Arid Flats Meditation Point. This place is located in the Narkis Desert. Once players make their way here, all they have to do is take a look at their left. A chest would contain the commander’s pants in it. This will complete the commander costume. But the next step would be getting the Color materials for the same costume. However, getting the commander’s pants is only possible if the players have already unlocked the Jedha HUB area. Unless then there will be no luck for the same. The commander’s pant features greaves and a half skirt, this gives Cal the appearance of a soldier.

Commander’s shirt and color material for the same

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Among all the pieces of the commander costume, the commander shirt is the easiest piece of clothing. That player can acquire the requirement of the commander shirt simply as compared to the rest items.

However, things for the Shirt of Commander set are a little different, players will have to work their way to the rambler’s range. This is where the players will need to unlock the Doma’s outpost Commodities. This place technically is a shop. A shop where players can trade their priorities shards. These shards are collectible from Over the Kuboh and the rest of the map.

To purchase the commander shirt. Players will need to pay around three priorites shards. These shards can be easily found in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and to find the same shards is not a big deal in the game. Since shards are collectible, they can be found in the Coruscant area and Kuboh. It is a normal commodity and not rare. So getting your hands on the shards is an easy task.

Color material location for commander’s Jacket

From here on, players would like to make their way to the Loading Gantry once on Kobo. They can find this place through meditation Point Hangar Rafters in the viscid bog. Players will have to arrive at this location after reaching this place. When players will take a look at their left they will see a deflector shield. This Shield will be blocking the path. This Shield blocking the path of the player is not green in color, which means this can be easily opened.

Players will have to make use of BD-1 to take dine the shield directly with its blue electric charge. once the shield goes down the players will be able to enter into the room. This is where players will come across a chest where the jacket color material will be available.

Color material location of the Commander’s Pant

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The viscid bog on Kuboh, players will have to return to the meditation point of the hanger rafters. When passing through this place a left jump combined with a force dash through the open corridor, take the first left. Since this place is swarming with enemies it’s best to come armed. After defeating the enemies players will need to climb the blue wall. After reaching here a stair will take the player to the green shield which needs to be force dashed. Done with that players now will have to make a wall run to reach the chest at the dead end. Add the material to the inventory and take the route back the same as before.

Assembling the items

After the acquisition of each piece and all the color material for the Commander’s costume. The players can put together many combinations of costumes. With each to their liking and making different sets that go with personalized tastes and aesthetics. And with that players can finally flaunt their unique Commander’s costume in the game. With each color and material at the disposal putting together a costume with a unique signature is a fun way to complete the Commander’s costume in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

And with that, your quest to make a perfect set of Commander’s costumes is completed. Now with the newfound information get into the game and get your combination of commander’s set in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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