BGMI: Two more teams banned by Krafton from BMOC 2022 for hacking

Krafton has banned two teams for usage of hacks and illegal programs in BMOC 2022 tournament. Read the article to know more.

BGMI: Two more teams banned by Krafton from BMOC 2022 for hacking
Teams banned for hacking in BMOC 2022

The first major tournament of BGMI this year hosted by Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC) is heading towards the third round which will apparently be the last round before the amateur teams face off against the professional teams in the tournament.

However, it is unfortunate to report that this tournament as well became a victim of hacking and third party program usage by the players as the developers announced on their social media handles that two more teams have been banned for using illegal tools in the matches.

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BMOC 2022: Two teams banned for hacking in BGMI tournament

Battlegrounds Mobile India which is all set to complete one year of its launch soon has seen the eventual growth of hackers in the game which has created a menace for the legit players. The official tournaments that are open-for-all have also got no respite from the hackers and cheaters as Krafton banned these two teams from BMOC 2022-

  • Infinity X
  • BLAC Official

Several videos of Infinity X were doing rounds the social media which displayed how the players from this team were able to pinpoint the nades at the locations of their enemies. Moreover, they were able to find out their opponent’s location without the mark of footsteps in the mini map.

BGMI: Two more teams banned by Krafton from BMOC 2022 for hacking

Other players in the lobby of BGMI tournament demanded a rematch as it was apparently visible how the team named Infinity X were able to win matches with the use of illicit actions and applications. The move taken by Krafton has been appreciated by the fans, however, several teams continue with their demands of a rematch.

This is the second team in this tournament that the developers have banned any team from BMOC 2022. Previously, 41 teams were disqualified from the tournament as they violated the rules and regulations mentioned for the tournament. The total number of teams that have been banned have now gone up to three. For Round 3, sixty four teams have qualified-

  • Initiative Academy
  • Aslaa Esports
  • Team oneknockpush
  • TeamTenacity Esports
  • Wakouts
  • Heroes Official
  • Knock Finish
  • Autobotz Esports
  • WSF Esports
  • Bhule Bhatke
  • Blue Whale
  • Team Kinetic
  • Gods OMKV
  • Level 2 Esports TX
  • Team Mavericks
  • Greek Gods ESP
  • Team SNN
  • Reborn Nova
  • Team Iron Sight
  • GOG Esports
  • Version 1
  • Error Esports
  • Myst official
  • Lethal Warriors
  • Intrepid Esports
  • Indian Patriots
  • Team Solitude
  • WarMania Esports
  • The Last Legends
  • Team currency
  • BALISTIX Esports
  • EndLesss
  • One Nation Esports
  • Team Bravery
  • Alchemist
  • Faith
  • Cratic Esports
  • G2 Battleground 1
  • KO Retribution
  • Tensai
  • Team GL
  • Zodiac Esports
  • TEAM P6
  • The Unstoppables
  • Brawlers
  • Redemption Crew
  • Elite Squad
  • Team Glacier
  • Vicious Annihilators
  • BurnX Official
  • DeathMate Esports
  • Mysterious X
  • Retribution RTR
BGMI: Two more teams banned by Krafton from BMOC 2022 for hacking
Sixty Four teams qualify to Round 3

Out of these sixty four teams, 32 teams will be able to qualify for the fourth round of the ongoing BGMI tournament where they will compete against the renowned teams of the game. The third round of BMOC 2022 Online qualifiers is set to commence from today from 4:30 PM IST. For viewing the leaderboard, players can head over to the official BGMI eSports website.

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