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How to get and upgrade Skeletal Core M16A4 in BGMI?

A new weapon skin named Skeletal Core M16A4 in BGMI is available for the players. Here is how to obtain the skin from Lucky Spin and upgrade it.

New Skeletal Core M16A4

BGMI players are always excited for obtaining exclusive weapons in the game which are released for a limited time only. Krafton has recently given a teaser for an upcoming weapon skin. This article takes a look at the upcoming Skeletal Core M16A4 in BGMI.

Even though new weapon skins are launched in the game quite often in new Royal Passes and events that provide free weapon skins, the skins launched in the Lucky Spin events are definitely better than other events. The Skeletal Core M16A4 in BGMI has been launched just today and here is how to obtain the skin as well as upgrade it.

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New weapon skin Skeletal Core M16A4 in BGMI available now

The Skeletal Core M16A4 in BGMI has been released today in a new Lucky Spin Event. As this event is available for a limited time only, player should start saving up UC (Unknown Cash) if they wish to obtain the skin. Here are the rules of this event-

Lucky spin
  • Spend UC to play Lucky Spin for a random reward
  • First single draw of the day only costs 10 UC.
  • Duplicate upgradable firearms are automatically dismantled into upgrade materials
  • Exclusive redemption coins can be obtained from the event which can later be used to obtain items from the shop.
  • The redemption coins will expire once the Lucky Spin ends.

Total rewards

  • Skeletal Core M16A4
  • Skeletal Core coin
  • Materials
  • Rapier- Crowbar
  • Skeletal Core Token
  • Classic crate coupon scrap
  • Maverick Warlock Set
  • Sinister Skull Parachute
  • Sinister Skull Helmet
  • Maverick Warlock Cover
  • Paint

Players can use the Skeletal Core Token to obtain further items from the event shop. The grand prize of the event shop is the Skeletal Core M1A64 in BGMI which costs 450 tokens. Players can win a Premium Crate coupon upon spinning the wheel for a significant number of times.

How to obtain the skin and upgrade it?

Skeletal Core M16A4 in BGMI is an upgradable weapon skin which means players can upgrade it from the workshop and reach the higher levels of skin to obtain cool effects.

Upgrade new skin
  • STEP 1: Open Battlegrounds Mobile India and click on the Lucky Spin option present above the events section.
  • STEP 2: Click either on “First of the Day” or “Draw 10” depending upon the UC one player has.
  • STEP 3: Players might not be able to get the Skeletal Core M1A64 in BGMI right at the beginning but they are guaranteed to obtain it once the Luck is set to 200.

Upon obtaining the exclusive weapon skin, players can head over to the workshop section and spend UC to unlock th higher levels of the newly released weapon.

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