Youtuber Grazzy builds Breath of the Wild map on Minecraft !

Youtuber Grazzy builds Breath of the Wild map on Minecraft !

What if you are a Minecraft PC gamer, but want to experience a certain RPG game on your PC. The legend of Zelda is one of the most iconic RPG games ever created, with a non-linear gameplay which encourages players to explore the whole map. One of the many games in this series is “Breath of the Wild”. Released in 2017, Breath of the Wild was only released by Nintendo on its Wii U and Nintendo Switch console. But, this did not stop 18 year old youtuber who goes by the name of “Grazzy”. After seeing Breath of the Wild, or ‘#BOTW’ trending on social media platform, Grazzy decided to recreate the whole Breath of the wild map in Minecraft creative mode. Now, BOTW has a huge map, and to replicate it was a very difficult job, but that didn’t make Grazzy back down. One of the most important reasons why Grazzy continued to do this in Minecraft was for the fame he was getting.

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As we know, Minecraft is a sandbox game, meaning players in creative mode have the absolute creativity to do whatever they wish to make and construct (Yep, even a giant meatball). This shows that with enough time and patience, anything can be created in this world. Thus prompting this teenager to take up the challenge of building this map.

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Grazzy’s channel blew up. Although he was already uploading videos before he took upon this challenge, none got as much reach and attention as this series. As soon as he started uploading, his subscriber count boosted up to around 67.6 thousand subscribers, and his average views which were around 700 to 1000 jumped up to around 10 to 15 thousand, with some videos reaching around 700k to a million views on his Breath of the Wild builds video. He has put out 2  parts divided in around 8 videos till now, and has made significant progress in his endeavors too. In his recent video, he revealed that he has completed the castle overlooking Hitano village. Grazzy now has a huge following of fans awaiting his videos, which he continues to post on YouTube.

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