Epic Games reports a server crash as Death Stranding becomes free for players

Epic Games reports a server crash as Death Stranding becomes free for players

Epic Games, the Developer of the popular game Fortnite, faced an issue on their store’s server. The Epic Games Store offered players Death Stranding for free as part of the winter sale. Players can buy this game on the Epic Games Store for free for a limited time. This caused a massive influx of players to the Epic Games Store, and led to server crashes and technical issues.


The EGS Holiday Sale is a 15-day program. So far, both independent and AAA titles have been provided. Tonight’s offering, though, is quite different and possibly the most well-liked. Because of this, the digital storefront is experiencing such a surge in demand that its launcher crashed.

Epic Games has had trouble managing the traffic. While many users have been able to access the site, others have had to repeatedly log in, reload their attempted purchases, or have encountered errors stating that the servers are completely down. They also tweeted this issue on Twitter

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Epic Games Servers are down As Players rush to get Death Stranding for Free

Death stranding
Death Stranding (Image via 505 Games)

It’s like a Holidays tradition for Epic Games to release some free games during this time of the year. This 15-day holy event for gamers included games like SableThem’s Fightin’ HerdsWolfenstein: The New Order, and on Christmas Eve, Metro Last Light Redux.

But on Christmas Day, Epic Games offered Death Stranding for free. They partnered with Kojima Productions, the developer of Death Stranding for this. While the game was released way back in 2019, the recent announcement for Death Stranding at The Games Awards has hyped up the players. Additionally, the Director’s Cut of the game was unintentionally made available for free by Epic Games, a mistake that has since been fixed.

There have been some unexpected issues with the storefront due to the influx of customers wanting to download Death Stranding for free through the EGS. One user claimed their client abruptly switched to speaking Chinese. Others allege that after making a purchase, the game was taken out of their EGS. While the EGS client continues to behave as though they are logged in, the majority of users report being trapped in some sort of nearly logged-in position where they are unable to access their libraries or make purchases of games.

At the time of writing, Store is working properly. Epic Games might be aware of these kinds of technical issues due to high traffic. For EGS customers who desired Death Stranding’s Director’s Cut but missed the game’s initial free offer, the upgrade is currently 40% discounted at only $6.


Fans can only hope Epic Games don’t face this issue again after they give players the next game for free.

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