“Luckily Jidion ain’t 12 lol” – Fans are in disbelief as EDP445 BLASTS JiDion for exposing him being a p*dophile

EDP445 does not seem happy with JiDion exposing him

“Luckily Jidion ain’t 12 lol” – Fans are in disbelief as  EDP445 BLASTS JiDion for exposing him being a p*dophile

JiDion is known favorably for his trolls and pranks. A lot of times he keeps it chill, so it does not go against morality. However, recently, he has been trying to relentlessly catch child predators and other heinous-minded people. He puts the joke on them because he believes they deserve it. JiDion recently uploaded a video confronting YouTuber EDP445 over the infamous “cupcake incident.”


It was a controversial sting operation a couple of years ago, where allegations arose suggesting he was attempting to engage with a 15-year-old minor. However, since JiDion decided to expose EDP, he did not find it amusing at all, and he hit JiDion back for exposing his deeds. As odd as it sounds, EDP rants for more than 5 minutes, name-calling JiDion.


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EDP445 goes OFF at JiDion for exposing him

EDP445 caught by JiDion on video
Image via EDP445/YouTube

EDP445 released a video in which he seemed furious at JiDion. He began by saying, “Motherf***ing f*ggots out here that are doing anything for views. I’m going to cut straight to the chase, man. You know what I mean. I’m talking about JiDion, right?” He goes on to claim JiDion is a bad example of a troll and prankster.


He also spoke about how he was due for hospitalization, and in between this, JiDion was trying to troll him on something from the past. In anger, EDP also claims he would do anything for views and says “F*** it, it’s all about the views, it’s all about the money right JiDion, f*** it right?

EDP also claims JiDion followed him 25 miles across town despite EDP going to attend a surgical centre for surgery. EDP said he felt harassed and did not respect his privacy. JiDion had gone ahead and responded to the video on YouTube in a long 21-minute video.

Fans react to EDP445’s response video


JiDion is hardly ever known for controversies, despite the trolls and jokes he pulls off. However, quite recently, he unveiled a feud with Logan Paul, which took place backstage during the Misfits PRIME card press conference. Despite being partners in the Prime beverage company, Demarcus Cousins III and Logan Paul had a few instances that led to a heated rivalry.

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