FIFA 22: How to Complete the Latest 87+ Player Pick SBC? (8th September)

FIFA 22: How to Complete the Latest 87+ Player Pick SBC? (8th September)

New 87+ Player Pick SBC is Live in FIFA 22!

As we know, FIFA 23 is approaching us at a rapid pace while FIFA 22 is on its way out, and we are getting closer to its release day by day. The new game is scheduled for release on September 30, and September 27 for those players of the game who have early access. The release of the new game means that the FIFA 22 cycle is reaching its final stages as well, with the Pre-Season promo marking the final event of the cycle.

Pre-Season in FIFA 22 refers to an event launched by EA which aims to shift players of FIFA 22, to the new game once it releases. They plan to achieve this by providing certain rewards during Pre-Season which can be used in both FUT 22, and FUT 23 once it releases. The new 87+ Player Pick SBC has now been released as a part of Pre-Season. Have a look below to find out how you can complete the SBC.

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How to Complete the Latest 87+ Player Pick SBC in FIFA 22?

The 87+ Player Pick SBC Could Turn Up Some Top Players like Mbappe!

We are now in the third week of Pre-Season, and we have seen some top quality highly boosted player cards unveiled. Apart from that, we have also seen pretty solid Player Pick SBCs which gave opportunities to players of the game to snatch up some of the best players in the game. FIFA 22 is going out with a bang for sure.

EA has been giving players of the game many opportunities by releasing and re-releasing many high quality SBCs, allowing the players to have second chances at getting some top player cards they might’ve missed out on earlier in the season. As the end of the FIFA 22 cycle is approaching, all the best cards in game are up for grabs, and the drop rate is really good as well so the chances of you packing a good player card is really high.

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Here are the requirements to complete the 87+ Player Pick SBC in FIFA 22:

  • Minimum Squad Rating: 83
  • Minimum Players Rated 85 OVR or Above: 1

Reward: 1 of 4 Gold Players Rated 87 OVR or Higher

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As you can see above, the requirements to complete this SBC aren’t too demanding. The reward is really good considering the requirements aren’t too difficult to complete. The reward of earning 1 of 4 Gold Players rated 87 OVR or higher is amazing. Considering the current drop-rate being very favourable, the probability of you getting a top card from this 87+ Player Pick SBC released by EA in the game is pretty high. This SBC is repeatable and expires in 3 days, so if you are planning on completing the SBC make sure to complete it within the next 3 days.

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