Full List of rewards in FIFA 22 Future Stars Swaps revealed!

Here is the FIFA 22 Future Stars Swaps token reward pool for the upcoming promo!

FIFA 22 Future Stars
FIFA 22 Future Stars Swaps

FIFA 22 will soon release the next promo event in the game after the TOTY one gets over. This is the FIFA 22 Future Stars and it contains the new Swaps program to reward the players with a lot of goodies.

The FIFA 22 Future Stars promo event will begin from 4th February, 2022 and will feature some great player items. It will feature some of the upcoming hotshot young players in the game who have performed considerably well in the recent matches. Naturally these players will have upgraded stats in ever department and will be obtainable through SBCs and some events in the promo.

FIFA 22 Future Stars Swaps: All rewards!

FIFA 22 Future Stars
FIFA 22 Future Stars Swaps

The new FIFA 22 Future Stars will feature many SBCs in the game and also a new Swaps event where players can exchange some great rewards for some tokens.

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From the start of the Future Stars till the end, players will have 28 Future Swaps tokens to earn. These will be available through some Squad Building Challenges, objectives and also from the FUT Store. Three of them have been released in the game today to be obtained through some SBCs and through logging in.

Players can use the Future Stars Token for the rewards from Friday, February 11th, 6 pm UTC till February 25th, 6 pm UTC.

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The reward pool are as follows:

  • 2 tokens: Rare Players Pack
  • 3 tokens: 81-89 x10 Player pack
  • 5 tokens: Ultimate Pack
  • 8 tokens: 86 Overall Future Stars Jeremie Frimpong
  • 12 tokens: Future Stars Team 1 Pack (x1 Player)
  • 12 tokens: 88 OVR Future Stars Jeremie Frimpong
  • 15 tokens: 85+ x10 Player pack
  • 20 tokens: 89 OVR Future Stars Connor Gallagher
  • 25 tokens: Future Stars Team 1 Player Pick (x3 options)

These rewards can only be obtained once and players can get a total of 28 tokens at max.

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