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How to complete the Bench Boost SBC in FIFA 22?

Here is how to complete the new Bench Boost SBC in FIFA 22 for today!

Bench Boost SBC

FIFA 22 has introduced some great SBCs for today that can be completed to get some great rewards. Here is how to complete the Bench Boost SBC in FIFA 22 today.


The currently running promo event in the game has been unveiled and it is the Fantasy FUT promo event. This event has some great upgrades in store for the players that will be obtainable through the many player items released throughout the event. It will feature real-time upgrades, that will mirror the player’s real-life match performance and the goals and assists that they score.

Here is how to complete the Bench Boost SBC in FIFA 22.


Bench Boost SBC

Bench Boost SBC

This is a new single-task SBC that has appeared in the game under the new promo and will be very cheap to complete.

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FIFA 22 Fantasy FUT promo has started off in the game bringing in some great Squad Building Challenges and also smaller objectives. These SBCs will help the players get some free promo items that are released regularly. Moreover, these have a chance to contain some great fodder that can be used to complete other SBCs.

This one is a single-task SBC and will be very economical for the players to complete. The cheap cost will be beneficial for both veteran players and beginners. Moreover, players have a rare chance to even obtain the promo player items added to the packs.

The requirements for the SBC are as follows:

  • Leagues: Minimum 2
  • Same League Count: Minimum 5
  • Same Club Count: Minimum 2
  • Rare: Minimum 2
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 80
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 95
  • 11 players in the squad
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The approximate cost of completing this SBC will be around 7500-7800 FUT coins at most. However, the cost can be reduced significantly using fodder from the inventory.

This will be live in the game for 37 hours more, so players have very limited time to complete it. It is non-repeatable in nature and players can complete it only once. Players will get a Mega Pack as a group reward.

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