How to complete the FUT 13 SBC in FIFA 22?

Here is a simple guide on how to complete the FUT 13 SBC in FIFA 22 easily!


FIFA 22 has been introducing some great events under the FUT Birthday promo and many of them feature great rewards. Here is how to complete the FUT 13 SBC in FIFA 22 to get player packs.

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday is the defining promo event for the month of March and is also one very important one. It celebrates the introduction of the FUT game mode in the game and is an anniversary event that appears every year. This time it has brought about some great events like SBCs and objectives along with player items that can be got through these.

Here is how to complete the most recent FUT 13 SBC in FIFA 22.



The FUT Birthday has already released a list of players as the Team 1 of the promo, into the player packs. Therefore, this is a great time for the players to open packs in order to get these cards.

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Team 1 contains 13 players with incredible stats in meta attributes and is a must-get for players. However, it can be quite difficult since the chance for them to appear is very rare. This is why grinding player packs through single-task SBCs might be a viable low-cost option for many.

This FUT 13 SBC is a single-task SBC which means players can complete it quite economically and in less time. The requirements for the task are as follows:

  • Clubs: Minimum 4
  • Same League Count: Maximum 4
  • Same Nation COunt: Minimum 3
  • Rare: Minimum 9
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 80
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 90
  • 10 players in the squad
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The approximate cost of completing this SBC will be around 9000-11000 FUT coins at most. The prices are fluctuating and can be reduced significantly using fodder from the inventory.

This is a non-repeatable SBC that can only be completed once in the game. Moreover, it will expire in less than 3 days so players need to complete it fast. Upon completion, players will get a Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack as a group reward.

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