How to complete the FUT 21 SBC in FIFA 22?

Here is a simple guide on how to complete the FUT 21 SBC in FIFA 22 to get some great rewards!


FIFA 22 has released a number of SBCs in the game for today that can be completed to get some great rewards. Here is how to complete the FUT 21 SBC in FIFA 22 today.

FIFA 22 is currently running the FUT Birthday promo event in the game and this has been releasing some great rewards. This event celebrates the 13th anniversary of the FUT game mode and features some great player items. These player items are highly rated and also have permanent boosts in the Weak Foot or Skill Moves, and are therefore great to have for their roster.

Here is how to complete the FUT 21 SBC in FIFA 22 to get some packs.



The FUT promo event has been introducing some daily challenges in the game that also features singe-tasks SBCs.

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The single task SBCs are highly regarded in the game as they are very small and easy to complete. These are very economical for the players as they cost the players very less and contain only 1 SBC to complete. It is great for both beginners and veterans alike and should be completed by both.

The FUT 21 SBC in FIFA 22 features the following requirements:

  • Clubs: Maximum 6
  • Same League Count: Minimum 4
  • Same Club Count: Maximum 3
  • Rare: Minimum 4
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 75
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 90
  • 10 players in the squad
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Players will need to spend at least 6300-7200 FUT coins at most to complete it from scratch. Moreover, players can use fodder from inventory to reduce the cost of this particular SBC.

This will stay live in the game for 2 more days and is non-repeatable in nature. This means players can complete it only once. The Group Reward for completing it is a Premium Gold Players Pack and a FUTB Token.

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