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Fortnite teases the return of Tilted Towers

All it takes is three words and an emoji from the official account to get its players all riled up, Checkout the complete article to know more about what fortnite teased about to their fans.

Tilted Towers was an infamous landmark from Fortnite’s earlier days: a dense, multilevel area with high spawn rates for gear but also plenty of places for enemies to hide, leaving it a high-risk, high-reward drop zone and a natural setting for tense, memorable firefights. It’s seen some variations and throwbacks in various updates over the years, but has been MIA for some time.

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Fortnite official handle tweet:

The official account’s tweet with the emoji of a city skyline seems to confirm what dataminers uncovered earlier this month: that Tilted Towers will be returning to the current iteration of Fortnite’s map. It seems pretty certain that we’ll see this new version in the game’s v19.01 update launching tomorrow.

Fortnite teases the return of Tilted Towers 2

The continuously evolving nature of Fortnit’s map means that a fan favorite murder hole can get lost along the way, but Epic can snag a big emotional payoff by having it return. I can only wonder what emoji Valve will use in its tweet teasing the return of de_dust2’s prime sniper alley, the esports event of 2024.

There are still a few hours to get caught up on Fortnite challenges before the 19.10 update goes live, and we can help: Be sure to check out our guides to finding a malfunctioning vending machine, collecting telescope parts, and knocking down Timber Pines.

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