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Free Fire New Age Event: Timeline, Rewards, Missions And More

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With only a few weeks left in 2021 Garena has launched the last major event of 2021 i.e. Free Fire New Age. Here in this article, we will take a look at the latest Free Fire New Age event timeline, rewards, missions and more.


Garena has introduced the Free Fire New Age event just after a day of the conclusion of the Free Fire X Money Heist collaboration. This new event is set to introduce a new ‘Alpine‘ map in the game. Let’s take a look at the Free Fire New Age event calendar, rewards, missions and more.

Free Fire New Age: Event Calendar and Rewards

Free Fire New Age Event Calendar

The event has started from today i.e., December 17th and will go on till January 9th 2022. The list of the events that will take place in the event are as follows:

  • New Age (17 December – 9 January)
  • Map & Aftermatch Drop (17 December – 9 January)
  • Play Till the Rising Day (20 December – 26 December)
  • Login Till the Rising Day (23 December – 27 December)
  • Friends United (25 December – 27 December)
  • Lone Wolf Rank (25 December – 27 December)
  • The Rising Day (25 December)
  • New Age is Coming (27 December – 2 January)
  • Countdown to New Age (29 December – 4 January)
  • New Age Day Login (1 January)
  • Magic Cube Fragment Drop (1 January)
  • Game with Friends (1 January)
  • New Age is Here (1 January)
  • New Beginning (1 January – 5 January)
  • Play More with Friends (4 January – 9 January)

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Event Rewards

In this event, players will have a ton of rewards to claim with various skins, bundles, costumes and more. The main rewards include Frosty Beach Bundle, Monster Truck – Snow Cruiser, vouchers, and loot crate. There will also be a Winter Basher bat skin, Snowman in Flight parachute.

Moreover, there will also be a Yeti pet will also be available for free as a login reward on January 1st, 2022. There will also be Cube Fragments available to players on the peak day i.e., January 1st 2022.

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