FS eSports reveals their DYNAMIC BGMI lineup for the new competitive season

Former FS Esports Team's BGMI roster made commendable achievements and the new roster will take the legacy forward.

FS eSports reveals their DYNAMIC BGMI lineup for the new competitive season

BGMI lineup (Image via: FS eSports)

BGMI has once again swept the Indian gaming industry by waves, and since the game’s re-release, the Indian esports sector has seen quite a traction. BGMI was a crucial game for the growth of the Indian esports scene, and with it being back, many tournaments are popping up. So are higher-tier esports teams with formidable rosters. With that, FirstSportz is announcing its BGMI roster under the FS Esports team.

FirstSportz, the sports wing for First Media Network has been active in the esports industry for quite some time now. From gaining massive popularity with their Pokemon Unite team and competing in many national and international tournaments, the FS Esports journey has been a long one with many accomplishments made along the way. And finally, they are announcing their BGMI Roster, which would be their primary BGMI A-tier team taking part in tournaments all around.


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BGMI Roster of FS eSports

FS eSports reveals their DYNAMIC BGMI lineup for the new competitive season
Image via FS Esports

FirstSportz has handpicked the best of the best for their BGMI team. Even though FS ESports has limited accomplishments in the past, however, with this newly revamped roster, the team is gunning for big titles in the BGMI competitive scene. Each member of the new team has commendable past accomplishments in the Indian Esports industry. Here are the new players you will see in FS ESports’ gold and black this season:

  • Flick (IGL)
  • Chaser
  • Kenny
  • Lord
  • Nirvana
  • FsRageWNL (6thman)

These players have quite an intensive past experience with many higher-tier tournaments. FS Esports’ previous roster made it to the Grand Finals of Nodwin Gaming‘s BGMI Masters Series 2022 and held an overall 15th rank standing amongst a total of 24 teams. Furthermore, the FS Esports team held an overall 11th standing in the BGMI Pro Series Season 1 that took place last June.


Flick has reached some great while acting as the IGLing for the previous team, Rush If Possible. With his leadership and support from the rest of the players, FS esports can ascend further in BGMI competitive season. When asked about his feelings about joining FS Esports, Flick, the IGL of the team, said, “I can’t believe I am part of the FS Esports team. This is a dream come true for me, and I’m so grateful for this chance to show my skills and passion, and I am ready to give it my all.”

FS RageWNL, ex-IGL of the team who is now managing the team, said, “We at FS eSports believe in empowering young talent. I personally believe that this roster is capable enough to dominate the BGMI scene. Right now, our main goal is to perform well and to win the upcoming official events.”

New FS Esports’ roster is an accomplished team who played for RipMizoGaming, an Esports Org with quite a substantial following. This formidable team made it to the Top 5 in the BGMI Rising tournament, which is quite an achievement. However, they are not stopping here, as their new journey with many more achievements at FS is just starting. FS Esports BGMI Team is in full bloom now, set with the motive of winning tournaments and gaining a notorious reputation amongst other active Esports Orgs.


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