Ukrainian Genshin Impact player pens emotional post before going to war

This article talks about a post made by Ukranian Genshin Impact player moments before he goes for war.

Ukranian Genshin Impact player pens emotional post before going to war
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an online role-playing game developed and published by MiHoYo which now goes by the name HoYoverse as the developers plan to include a wider audience for their titles. Even though HoYoverse holds several RPGs in their kitty, one of the most prominent ones is Genshin Impact. The online combat game holds an immense fanbase globally that engage actively in Reddit or Twitter community to discuss mainly new updates but a recent post from a Ukranian user brought tears to the eyes of fellow fans.

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Genshin Impact player from Ukraine goes nostalgic before going to war

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict’s after effects could be seen in several fields including the gaming scenario. As the whole Ukraine prepares for combat, commoners who were known for just being an avid gamer are forced to take up arms and fight against the atrocities of Russian forces.

Ukranian Genshin Impact player pens emotional post before going to war
Ukrainian Genshin Impact player pens emotional post

One such avid gamer of Genshin Impact has expressed how he has been grateful towards this game and described his frustration for not being able to play the game anytime soon as he is obligated to serve his country and fight with his country’s soldiers. The emotional post made by him has left fans in a state of despair.

"It’s been a year while I am playing with you guys, exploring Teyvat and just having all this fantastic experience. Now I can’t play, my country under attack. I’m here in Ukraine going tomorrow to join our army having no experience. But I will do it. I will really really miss this game, miss this beautiful world, miss our funny chitchats. Hoping to see you and Teyvat soon."

Teyvat is the virtual world of Genshin Impact where the activities of the game take place. Players of the game have to embark on a journey on the Teyvat kingdom and find about their lost sibling while defeating the formidable enemies. This reddit post made by a user named Bigby got more than 2k upvotes as several fans expressed their concern on the grave situation.

Ukranian Genshin Impact player pens emotional post before going to war
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“Good luck, and please point back soon to save Teyvat too”. Many Genshin Impact players encouraged the player not to lose hope as he will be back again after defending his country. Although the author of the post has not given any updates, his fellow players wish him to be safe.

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