New GTA Online vehicle price adjustments: New balancing changes in the vehicle meta

A lot of vehicles in GTA Online have received a price adjustment recently.

New GTA Online vehicle price adjustments: New balancing changes in the vehicle meta

People have been hyping GTA 5, even though it has been a decade since its release. GTA Online has a player base of 2.5 million active monthly players. With constant updates, the game has yet to die out. The game features races, corporate wars, PvP content, heist missions, and much more. Also, they released a new game mode called “Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose” just last month.

As the name suggests, ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ the game has a huge inclusion of automobiles and peculiar vehicles in it. Most of the game is based on car chases, successful getaways, using armored vehicles to complete missions, and much more. Tanks, trucks, aircraft, ships, submarines, and cars equipped with state-of-the-art weapons fill GTA Online. Recently Rockstar Games released a new GTA Online vehicle price adjustment list, listing the new prices of certain fan-favorite vehicles.


Updates are frequent in GTA Online. New vehicles, aircraft, missions, properties, and so on are quite common with new updates. But a vehicle price adjustment list is something that doesn’t usually come to GTA Online. Players have a mixed reaction over this change as some vehicles have a decrease in price, while others, an increase.

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New GTA Online vehicle price adjustments

gta mag Boxvilleblinde 047753
Brute Armored Boxville

As we all know, GTA Online is a game all about crime and vehicles, mostly vehicles. Furthermore, you can buy everything from a scooter to an armored tank to a war submarine in GTA Online. Most of the Online tournaments in GTA Online heavily involve racing too! GTA Online vehicle system has the tagline ‘sky is the limit.’ Well, considering the huge amount of aircraft in the game, guess even the sky is no longer a limit. With every new update, players expect newer vehicles to be added to the game. This time, Rockstar Games did release a vehicle update, but instead of newer ones, they tweaked the existing ones. Let’s take a look at the new GTA Online vehicle price adjustment list:


Most of these vehicles on this list are fan favorites. From Brute Armored Boxville to the infamous Pegassi Oppressor Mk II, many vehicles have a change in their price. Some vehicles, like the Brute Armored Boxville, HVY Chernobog, Mammoth Thruster & Tula, have a decrease in their price.

image 851
Recent GTA Online vehicle price adjustment list by Rockstar Games

While the griever’s favorite, Pegassi Oppressor Mk II, has a significant increase in its price. This has made this infamous, low-level player destroying vehicle a bit harder to acquire. This is one of the few price adjustments players are praising. Furthermore, grievers have used this vehicle for many years to demolish players in GTA Online. In addition to its flying capabilities, latched with Homing Missiles, the Mk II is a vehicle that destroys the mission progress of all low-level players by destroying their cargos or shipments or any other global mission they are on at the moment.

Pegassi Oppressor Mk II

Moreover, the player base has praised a lot of these price adjustments. With the hopes of having more such updates in the future, where developers actually try to change the grievers’ meta by a minuscule bit, have let the player base look at the game in a new light.


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