Popular Twitch Streamer and 100 Thieves Content Creator Yassuo signs a non-exclusive deal with Kick

"This platform was made for me"

Popular Twitch Streamer and 100 Thieves Content Creator Yassuo signs a non-exclusive deal with Kick

Yassuo, a popular League of Legends streamer and content creator for 100 Thieves, has made a surprising decision. He has recently joined forces with the up-and-coming streaming platform Kick, which has left many people surprised and interested. Kick revealed this news on their Twitter handle with their signature post.


Lately, the media has been talking a lot about how the streaming platform Kick is making deals with famous streamers like xQc and top chess player Hikaru Nakamura. The interesting part is that these deals don’t require them to exclusively stream on Kick. Now that Yassuo has joined Kick too, it shows that Kick is a strong competitor to Twitch’s control over streaming.

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The non-exclusive contract between Yassuo and Kick

Kick Signs Popular Twitch Streamer and 100 Thieves Content Creator Yassuo
Image via Riot Games

Yassuo decided to sign with Kick but still wants to keep streaming on Twitch. Since Yassuo has more than 2 million followers on Twitch, it wouldn’t make sense for him to suddenly switch to Kick completely. But by making a non-exclusive agreement, he can explore the opportunities that Kick offers without losing his current fans. He Said,


“I want to see how my community receives me on Kick. I want to see if I can grow a big community on Kick. I feel like I’m made for Kick. Am I delusional guys? I genuinely think my type of humor and my style of streaming is made for Kick. Not just the gambling bro, but everything. This platform was made for me, they thought of me in mind when they made this.”

Kick, led by Trainwreck and allegedly backed by the gambling website Stake, is gaining a lot of attention because of its appealing conditions. One interesting thing is that Kick’s rules are less strict compared to Twitch’s rules. This means streamers have more freedom to do things like gambling. Additionally, Kick gives streamers a great deal by sharing 95% of the revenue with them, which is much higher than what other platforms offer.

Kick’s ambitious approach and appealing incentives have caught the attention of both streamers and viewers. Kick questions Twitch’s control of the market while giving content creators more freedom and better financial benefits. This makes Kick an attractive alternative. However, only time will tell if this platform can keep growing quickly and become a strong competitor in the streaming industry.

Yassuo’s decision to join Kick is a significant event for the growing streaming platform. Kick is going full-in to battle Twitch’s dominance in the industry. With its welcoming agreements, appealing financial rewards, and relaxed rules, Kick has successfully attracted famous streamers looking for new opportunities. Yassuo manages his presence on both platforms. Kick is strategically fighting Twitch with these non-exclusive signings of popular streamers. The streaming community eagerly anticipates Kick’s growth, wondering if it will revolutionize the streaming industry and bring in a new era of competition.

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