Logan Paul sues Floyd Mayweather over not paying him for their 2021 fight

Logan Paul has had enough and is suing Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul demands Floyd Mayweather to pay him for the 2021 boxing match
Logan Paul demands Floyd Mayweather to pay him for the 2021 boxing match

Logan Paul’s dispute with Floyd Mayweather over the payment for their upcoming boxing match in 2021 has turned into a full-fledged lawsuit. Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather’s 2021 exhibition match stunned the internet as the influencer went head to head against the 50-0 boxing GOAT. The boxing match had ended in a draw and quite a statement by the YouTuber.

Despite the fact that Mayweather’s brother Jake Paul antagonised him by taking his hat during the build-up to the bout, Logan has been alleging for months that he is still owed money for the fight. Logan is now suing Mayweather, according to Jake Paul, and the next time the two fight, it could be in a courtroom.

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Logan Paul has filed a lawsuit against Floyd Mayweather Jr

Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather
Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather

Jake Paul stated at a London news conference for Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano that his brother’s feud with Mayweather is far from done.

“He really hasn’t paid Logan,” Jake paul stated “There’s a lawsuit that was opened up last week or two weeks ago. They’re pressuring him both legally and behind-the-scenes, but it’s embarrassing for Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather to not have enough money to pay my brother.”

Unfortunately, that was all Jake had to say, so the lawsuit’s specifics remain unknown. However, given Logan’s request for NFL star Antonio Brown to speak with Mayweather about his payment, it’s likely to be a sizable number.

Logan claims he was promised a rematch with Mayweather in Dubai, but declined due to a lack of remuneration, preferring Jake to take his place. It’s unclear whether Mayweather and Paul will settle their issue before going to court, but given how much of a fuss has been made about missing payments, it’s remarkable that legal action has taken this long.

Logan Paul and KSI, two popular YouTube personalities, were previously fierce rivals on the internet. The two invented the concept of ‘influencer boxing,’ and in the boxing ring, they eventually put an end to their years-long feud.

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