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Ludwig talks about his boxing match against Sykkuno: “I don’t think I could fight him”

Ludwig categories streamers on the basis of who will win against him, he made a tier list check out in the article

Ludwig talks about his boxing match against Sykkuno

Star gaming content creator Ludwig talks about his boxing match against Sykkuno. During the recent broadcast, the streamer ranked every streamer in the boxing match who will win against him.

Few days earlier the same tier list was also made by the Twitch streamer Felix “xQc”, he also gave every streamer ranking on the basis of the boxing match. The 26-year-old streamer talks about his match against Sykkuno and said “I don’t think I could fight him. I don’t think I could ever punch him.”

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Ludwig fears fighting Sykkuno in a boxing match

Ludwig tier list

I think it’s a new trend that is going popular that every streamer is giving their or ranking other streamers on the basis of their boxing matches. xQc also made the same tier list to showcase what he thinks about other streamers.

The same list is also made by Ludwig during his live stream, but there is a twist in the tier list. He decides to give ranking to who will win against him in a boxing match instead of ranking based on streaming content.

The Los Angles native puts EsfandTV, Will Neff, Tyler1, and Nickmercs in the “They Would Destroy Me” category. Then he talks about Sykkuno he said: “Sykkuno… objectively, by all measures of fighting, I should be able to physically kill Sykkuno in a ring. Speaking freely, he cannot fight. He has never worked out. I am strong.”

Furthermore, he takes his words back and the streamer thinks Sykkuno would defiantly destroy him in the boxing ring, and he will defiantly come prepared for the boxing match

“I also feel like there’s this possibility, and just hear me out, you know how Sykkuno does this thing where I’ll play a game with him and all of a sudden, even though he’s never played that game before, he’ll show up and be better than me at that game, he would do the same thing with boxing.” and continued.

“Like, I would be like, ‘Hey Sykkuno, want to box?’, and he’d be like, ‘Oh yeah, uh, sure, a little bit. That sounds… it’s kind of crazy. It sounds pretty fun though.’ And then we box, and then he’d show up maybe like prepared two days in advance and all of a sudden, he’s like, f***ing ripped, and he’s like, ‘Oh, hey, Ludwig, I just um, yeah, I just did a bit of practice before the fight, I thought it’d be more fun! Um, did you practice?'”

However, after doing all this thinking Ludwig decides to put Sykkuno in the 50/50 category. But he still thinks that Sykkuno defiantly beat him in a boxing match. Many of his fans troll him and said “Ludwig fears Sykkuno”

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