Minecraft Legends release date, expected features, and everything confirmed so far

Here everything you need to know about the new upcoming Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends release date, expected features, and everything confirmed so far

There are only a few games ever made that can stay relevant for almost a decade and Minecraft is one of them. To cater to its huge fan base, Mojang works hard constantly to bring updates to the game and brought new content to the game. Mojang tries to find what players want through some beta versions and other means.

Now, Mojang is going to introduce Minecraft Legends. It will be the newest addition to Mojang‘s game repertoire. Legends intend to lead us players on a vast journey through the many biomes of Minecraft’s overworld while collecting resources for the construction of defenses against piglin armies that are invading from the Nether. Players will need to shake hands with their former foes like skeletons and creepers to fight Nether’s invaders.


Mojang will also let players play with their friends on online Co-op. Mojang was earlier hiding all the stuff about this game but now the cat’s out of the box.

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Everything you need to know about Minecraft Legends

Everything you need to know about Minecraft Legends
Minecraft Legends (image via Mojang)

Gameplay and Release Date

According to the Minecraft Legends released trailer, “Minecraft Legends tells the story of the Overworld uniting against an invasion by the ravenous piglins.” For the first time in the series, a real-time strategic battle is added to the overworld of Minecraft Legends. It is divided into two very familiar biomes. This will undoubtedly not involve the same construction and creation as traditional Minecraft, similar to Minecraft Dungeons.


The primary gameplay cycle involves the player riding a mount through various biomes to harvest resources, aid allies, battle hostile piglin hordes, and create custom bases. In a footage from Minecraft live 2022, there were mob spawners. This spawner will help players to spawn in allies on the battlefield to help fight against piglins invaders.

The Creative director Magnus Nedfors revealed that The primary focus of the game is on forming bonds with other mobs of the Minecraft Overworld so that you can jointly combat the piglin troops. He said that the game is all about making new friends and fighting against Piglin.

Minecraft Legends is supposed to drop in spring 2023. Mojang hasn’t revealed any dates for release but has announced this detail. It will be available on PC and consoles.



In addition to some good old troops, Minecraft Legends will include some original mobs both ally and foe. Villagers and old-time foes skeletons and creepers will join your team. Along with these mobs, Mojang is also bringing in new types of golems. The category includes Cobblestone Golems, Plank Golems, Mossy Golems, and Grindstone Golems.

Crossplay Feature

Players from different platforms can play together. Your Minecraft account will be used to access the cross-play feature. As a result, whichever platform you use, you should be able to access your in-game progress. Although it hasn’t been formally confirmed, there may also be a setting to turn-off cross-platform play.

The game will not be free to play. You can play Minecraft Legends for free if you have

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Game Pass for Console
  • Game Pass for PC

Minecraft Legends is set to release soon this year, so keep an eye out for more updates!

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