Watch: Nicki Minaj and Kai Cenat dance to her brand new song ‘Everybody’

Nicki Minaj dances and twerks with Kai Cenat on livestream as they celebrate the launch of Nicki's latest album

Watch: Nicki Minaj and Kai Cenat dance to her brand new song ‘Everybody’

Image via: Instagram/@nickiminaj and @kaicenat

Popular live streamer Kai Cenat took to Twitter to announce that he would be collaborating with Nicki Minaj on an upcoming livestream. Kai is famous for collaborating with many hip-hop artists, such as Drake. This is not the first time he has interacted with Nicki, either. Many famous rappers also participated in Kai Cenat’s 7-day prison livestream.

Kai took part in a promotion for Nicki’s latest album, Pink Friday 2, which launched on December 8. The two also shared a hilarious interaction recently on Instagram Live when Nicki Minaj hung up on Kai Cenat. Regardless, fans were excited about the announcement and could not wait for the collaboration between the two.

The collaboration finally took place with a live stream on December 14th. The stream did not disappoint, giving fans many entertaining and hilarious moments. It even amassed over 350,000 views and saw participation from many of Kai’s friends alongside the Queen of Rap.

Kai Cenat and Nicki Minaj dance together to her new song

After an hourlong wait, Nicki finally joined Kai on stream. They discussed various topics such as dating tips, Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival, and Minaj’s new album, Pink Friday 2. She talked about how she felt good about the album, which was set to sell over 200,000 units in the first week of its release and would top Billboard’s charts.

Nicki Minaj on Kai Cenat stram
Image via: YouTube/@KaiCenat

Eventually, Kai Cenat played music from Nicki’s album, and Kai and his friends started dancing to the song. They attempted to dance with her on her track with Lil Uzi Vert, which led to a nice dance lesson. Nicki Minaj can be seen trying to do the famous “Just Wanna Rock” dance. However, after a few seconds, she burst into a twerk session. 

You can see Kai’s friends being taken aback by her moves and how confident she looks while dancing. The entire interaction was a great one that fans thoroughly enjoyed.

Apart from the dancing, Nicki was open and honest throughout their conversation. It was also a successful stream for Kai, who continues to get more rappers on his channel. 

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