Rumours of MrBeast’s boxing match spiral out as YouTuber trains with WWE superstar Logan Paul

The training session was definitely one fiery one!

Rumours of MrBeast’s boxing match spiral out as YouTuber trains with WWE superstar Logan Paul

Recently, YouTube has been booming with loads of stuff. Many YouTubers either undertake things completely on their dime, like the IShowMeat incident or engage in a major controversy. However, Mr. Beast, the YouTuber with the most subscribers, has consistently been the topic of conversation for a while now. Furthermore, rumors of Mr. Beast’s boxing match are spreading across the internet after a picture of Jimmy and Logan Paul’s training session went viral!

Several well-known influences, like Logan Paul and KSI, have chosen professional wrestling and boxing as occupations. Moreover, influencer boxing has amassed a sizable following due to their fights with well-known fighters like Floyd Mayweather. To promote this sport, several tournaments have been organized, like Creator Clash and Misfits Boxing. Furthermore, fans have also been praising them. More content makers and fans are becoming interested in it.

Moreover, many are hoping for Mr. Beast to hop onto this train of ecstasy too! And a training session with none other than Logan Paul makes this plausible. With MrBeast posting their training session on his official Twitter handle, fans are racing their mind through a potential boxing match of MrBeast to be taking place soon!

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Is Mr. Beast’s boxing match going to take place soon?

Rumors of MrBeast's boxing match spirals out after training with Logan Paul goes viral
(credits: DMD Henry on YouTube))

On August 21, Logan Paul shared a picture of himself from a workout with Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson, the most subscribed independent creative on YouTube. Moreover, both Jimmy and Logan releasing a picture of the post-training session has stirred the fan base. Fans are asking MrBeast not to go for revealing info if case the YouTuber ever decides to take part in these events.

Fans have been hyped to see Jimmy learn boxing. That too, from someone none other than Logan Paul! Fans’ reaction to this was really interesting!

Although it’s uncertain right now whether Jimmy will be. Will there be a Mr. Beast boxing match or not? Or will Mr. Beast pledge and damn it!

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