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Summit1g makes a return to CS:GO after retiring years ago. Surprises fans with an extraordinary 1v4 clutch

Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar was seen playing Counter Strike : Global Offensive, the game in which he started his professional career, in a recent stream.

As he hit shots that he shouldn’t have been able to, fans were reassured that the pro turned streamer still had it in him to compete at the highest level.

Summit1g returns to CS:GO on stream

Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar, the professional e-sports athlete turned streamer, who started his professional journey on Valve’s world-famous title, was recently seen returning to it on stream.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

After competing for teams like A51 and Mythic, Summit decided it’s best for him to stick to content creation as it was the one thing he truly enjoyed doing and left the pro scene for good.

These days, Jaryd is what you would call a variety streamer as you can catch him playing games from Sea of Thieves, or iRacing, and then getting challenged for it by DrDisrespect, the two time.

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Summit1g makes a return to Counter Strike

However, in one of his most recent streams, he was seen playing the classic 5v5 tactical shooter yet again, and not only was he playing it, but was slaying anyone who dared to be on the opposite team than him.

He even went ahead and pulled off a 1v4 clutch on the classic match of Dust 2 on B site while defending it against attackers who didn’t even get to plant the bomb let alone win the round.

A snippet from Summit1g’s stream while he was clutching the 1v4.

While Summit had not played Counter Strike in oh so long, it certainly didn’t feel like it on his live stream as he kept hitting headshots constantly while being one of the most menacing players on the server.

While Summit1g is way past his professional playing period, he proved that he still has what it takes to be on the top 1% of the Counter Strike Global Elite division.

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