“You’re just a loser”: Sykkuno is being toxic to viewers for stream sniping

Sykkuno after so long time being toxic on stream, just over-stream sniping in the Roblox game.

Sykkuno is being toxic to viewers for stream sniping
Sykkuno is being toxic to viewers for stream sniping

The Youtube gaming star Thomas “Sykkuno” after a long time being toxic to viewers for stream sniping him in Roblox. The GTA V RP streamer came up with Leslie, LilyPichu, and Miyoung to play some Fall Guys and Roblox.

While playing the Roblox the streamer faced a hacker in-game, he trying to be an obstacle for Thomas and annoying him. He tried to disrupt the gameplay of the streamer.

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Sykkuno called out stream snipers for hacking in Roblox

Sykkuno is being toxic to viewers for stream sniping
Sykkuno called out stream snipers for hacking in Roblox

During the Livestream on August 5, 2022, Thomas and his friends tried their hands on the Roblox game. At the mark of three hours, the streamer played the mini-game to just perfect his fingers on the game with his coordination to his eyes, and press the relevant button at the right time.

But unfortunately, the stream sniper named Loser-gang started flying around the streamers in the game character to disrupt the gameplay. Thomas responded to stream sniper:

“Loser_gang is disgusting! Just ignore him, guys. It’s just one of those snipers trying to get attention. It’s weird that they are doing it, but, I mean, what can you do, you know?” stream sniper after calling out by chats hacker. The streamer continues by stating “They’re literally hacking in a children’s iPad game! It’s kind of weird but… I mean, I’m just saying, who hacks in a children’s iPad game for attention? It is weird!”

The 30-year-old streamer couldn’t hold back and busts over stream sniper and cited: “All I can say is, their name is pretty accurate, but, I mean, they’re literally hacking to do that, but what can you do again? Yeah, they’re just hacking for attention, we just got to ignore that, I think. But I will definitely say they named themselves correctly.”

Furthermore, after hearing streamer being toxic and seeing the other side of Thomas. Miyoung and Fulsie enjoyed the whole scene and said “Toxic Sykkuno, yes!”

Sykkuno claimed he is not flaming the stream sniper, but he just pointing out that who would ever think about hacking the Roblox-like game and stated:

“I’m not even flaming them. I’m literally just saying exactly what they’re doing. It sounds like I’m flaming because it’s really weird to do that, but it’s not like I’m insulting them. I’m just saying what they’re doing, and if it sounds like an insult, maybe they should stop doing it or something.”

However, the conversation came to end by the streamer itself, and said: “It’s not even like I’m flaming them, I’m just repeating what they’re doing, so it’s just how it goes.”

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