Sykkuno is now on YouTube Gaming

Sykkuno is moving to Youtube Gaming and leaving Twitch, know more about it in the article.

Sykkuno is now on YouTube Gaming
Sykkuno is now on YouTube Gaming

Popular ex-twitch streamer Sykkuno announced a move to Youtube Gaming and quit twitch. Syk is known for his calm and simple personality and he has over 4 million followers on Twitch. He went from small streamer to Twitch star streamer.

The green hoodie streamer is joining her best friend and 100 thieves co-owner Valkyrae at the platform. Syk revealed this news on his Twitter handles with a video, now he is going to start his new chapter in his career on a different platform.

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Sykkuno joining Youtube Gaming

Sykkuno is now on YouTube Gaming
Sykkuno with his friends

We can see in the announcement video of the streamer, the appearance of the youtube queen Valkyrae, and the video is all about telling fans that sykkuno is still the same person and stream every game just like he does every day, but this time the platform is gonna be different.

The streamer has 2.66 million followers on his Youtube Gaming channel which he will broadcast soon. On May 1 syk fans celebrate National Sykkuno Day on twitch and it turns into an emotional stream on his last stream on the platform.

During the stream of National Sykkuno Day valkyrae also share how she met Syk, then she replied to comments and said: “I was sobbing the whole time. That’s how Sykkuno and I met. We met on the OfflineTV Minecraft server three years ago,” she explained. “He was a wee lad. He was uWukuno. He was so timid, shy, and had no webcam. He only had about 200 viewers.”

However, Sykkuno is not the only streamer who choose Google’s brand Youtube Gaming over Amazon’s broadcast platform Twitch, people like DrLupo, TimTheTatman, Valkyrae, Ludwig, and, many others also signed their contracts with youtube gaming.

The green hoodie streamer is gonna appear on Youtube Gaming on May 3 after bidding his fans farewell from its previous platforms.

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