“I’m gonna get kicked out”: Sykkuno plans to mock Twitch by wearing YouTube Gaming hoodie at TwitchCon

Sykkuno plans to attend TwitchCon this year but wearing a YouTube Gaming hoodie in order to mock his former streaming platform, Twitch.

Sykkuno shares a fun plan with LilyPichu and Natsumi!

Thomas Sykkuno might appear as a quite shy streamer who decided to be a part of this industry on the insistence of LilyPichu but the YouTuber recently astonished his fans after sharing a mischief plan made to mock his former streaming platform.

The South Californian native shifted to YouTube on May 2022 and has been a quite regular streamer since then who was even concerned of visiting New York with his streamer friends considering that he won’t be able to stream for a couple of days. His fans in turn show an overwhelming support to the streamer.

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Sykkuno shares his Twitch mocking plan with LilyPichu and Natsumi

"I'm gonna get kicked out": Sykkuno plans to mock Twitch by wearing YouTube Gaming hoodie at TwitchCon
Thomas Sykkuno

LilyPichu and Sykkuno were one of the major streamers to opt out of Twitch this year but they have been associated with the platform in some way or the other. As San Diego’s Twitch Con is up ahead, the streamers along with Natsumi were discussing the event in their latest livestream.

Neither of the internet personalities are going to stream this year at the TwitchCon but Sykkuno and Natsumi are going to attend the event. When the former streamer asked LilyPichu whether she is going to the event, she replied in negative stating that she will watch them from afar.

Continuing their discussion, the 31-year old YouTuber claimed that LilyPichu will indeed see him from afar as he will be wearing a YouTube Gaming hoodie. In addition to that, he will carry a banner that says “70-30 split available here.”

"Oh no, she'll see me from afar. I'm going in with a YouTube Gaming hoodie. I'm going to hold a sign that says 70/30 split available here." 

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For readers unaware, Sykkuno is actually mocking the latest decision made by Twitch that divided the revenue of content creators and Twitch staff into a share of 50-50 whereas YouTube has a split of 70-30. His YouTube gaming hoodie will be another symbol of mockery as the Amazon-owned streaming platform is losing out of creators lately.

Hearing this, the other streamers present on the livestream exclaimed-

“You’re so troll!”

The YouTuber further stated that he is going to get kicked out of the event but it would be rather funny if does get kicked out. Calling him brave, LilyPichu even suggested that wearing a YouTube gaming hoodie migjht not be enough to kick him out but she can provide him a ‘to-do’ list of getting kicked out.

Fans give surprising reactions on Sykkuno’s plan

"I'm gonna get kicked out": Sykkuno plans to mock Twitch by wearing YouTube Gaming hoodie at TwitchCon
YouTube comments

For an introvert streamer who rarely shares such ideas, fans were quite surprised to see how the streamer is getting carefree day by day. Some even expressed their wish to know the list of things LilyPichu suggested to get kicked out of the event while others claimed how funny it will be if Sykkuno actually does something of that sort.

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